40 Days to Fit ~ Day 34

Day #34-FIT tip- Keep your child educated and active to improve self-image~ feel free to invite them to join in our “40 days to fit”! Teens who understand their bodies are more active and motivated. Exercise also can improve any kid’s “bad mood”…so get them MOVING too!


Day #34-

“The People that you Meet in your Neighborhood”… Gym?!


Here’s a short list of the interesting people I saw at the gym in one single day:

1. Blue smurf man- baby blue shirt and shorts, a NO, NO!
2. Grey sweats lady- this is just ugly
3. anorexic big boob lady- she is 5 feet tall 60 pounds and d boobs, lol
4. bicep man- only works biceps and they are BIG!
5. old man rocker (long curly hair with earings)- this man did not look right in workout clothes…he’d been better off wearing leather pants to the gym
6. jeans/Birkenstock girl- she was having a blast playing on the elliptical next to me


Here is how my workout SQUATTING workout shook out:
10 min total -3 intervals of a min each levels 11, 12 &12
Warm up
95x20x5* sets for a total of 100 squats
*i had an active recovery of 25 stationary high knees on each leg between each of these sets

Then on to 100 lunges (50 each leg)
45×10(each leg)
65x10x4 sets*
in between 3 sets of these I did hanging knee ups 10-15 reps each set

Then I ran on the treddy

I’ve eaten (green pepper a bit of chicken and beef jerky) and now to shower~
Hope you also get to enjoy some fun people watching too!!


Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 7 days left in the Challenge!!!


Make “SQUAT” your TRUTH HAMMER Today!!

xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger




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