40 Days to Fit ~ Day 31

Day #31-FIT tip- Planning is the key to getting physical activity into your routine. So start your week off right by including exercise on your appointment calendar and list of things to do. Mark it as IMPORTANT and URGENT.


Day #31-Featured ARTICLE-



Okay–You’ve heard it before and you will surely hear it again- SCALES ARE STUPID!!

Despite our fairy tale dreams scales never move in a steady downward fashion….However they can provide amazing feedback to you when you are training for success!


Weight fluctuations show hydration levels– being dehydrated is dangerous! If you weigh prior to your workout and then again after. Be sure to drink a cup of water for every pound lost within the next couple hours afterwards.  Your body can absorb about 1/2 a cup each half hour….so drink about 4-6 ounces every half hour or simply sip often. Also, don’t forget your trace minerals and electrolytes. Be sure to eat a healthy well rounded diet, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium– if any one of these get out of balance your water weight levels will fluctuate.


Weight fluctuations also give us an indicator HORMONE Levels! I weigh daily and over time I’ve learned which days of the month to expect higher weights for myself.  I “KNOW” so I don’t FREAK out thinking my diet/fitness program is faulty.



When the scale doesn’t cooperate with you look to some of these items that may be causing you to retain water


– PH Level
– Supplements

– Prescriptions

– Soreness

– Hydration inconsistency

– Artificial sweetners

– Carbonation

– too many carbs

– too much soduim

– MSG’s

– Nitrates



ALSO!! BEWARE! The more muscle you have the more your water weight fluctuates!  AND remember NOT All water retention is NOT BAD, water in our cells allows them to get nutrients– more water often means more nutrients and better recovery from workouts!


Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 10 days left in the Challenge!!!

Make your POA~ Plan Of ATTACK!


BuffMother, Michelle Berger




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