40 Days to Fit ~ Day 22

Day #22-FIT tip-
Weight training is the fountain of youth!! It reverses the aging of your muscles and bones~, plus it’s the key to keeping your metabolism strong…. if you wanna stay young lift!

Day #22-Featured ARTICLE-

I am Back to the TRACK!!

**This is a blog post from October 2006** I’m posting it today to remind all of you that you can recapture WHO you are in your soul…it’s not too late to DREAM AGAIN and Re-capture your true self!….


My first day at the track since May of 1996—so over 10 years away from a LOVE of mine.

Track was a Love of mine until it all ended with a knee injury that took 10 years of my life to REHAB, lol! Not only did my knee need rehab, my mind needed it also. The confidence I once had when I stepped on the track had been shattered by constant pain, doctors saying I would never really run much again and surgery. Many of my hopes and dreams were gone, and part of me was totally lost.


BUT today October 31st, 2006 I recaptured a part of my soul!!

I stepped on the track and ran a GREAT workout and an now WHOLE!

What a victory!

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to live my dreams

Here is the low down on my Track experience:

I arrived at the track at 12:30 and was 100% done at 12:30 , it was cloudy, breezy and cold around 40 degrees. I had eaten half of an Atkins bar at 8 am and a banana at 11 am.

10- 200meters with a 200 m walk/jog in between of 1:30 to 2:30
1. 36
2. 35
3. 36
4. 35
5. 34
6. 34
7. 33
8. 34
9. 32
10. 30!!!

A successful first one under my belt—on to improve those numbers!

Loving Life, BuffMother!

Please keep commenting on the “Feature” for your accountability~ It will help you stay focused…just 19 days (including today) left of the Challenge!!!

BuffMother, Michelle Berger



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