40 Days to Fit ~ Day 3

Day #3-FIT tip- Keep your gym bag, stocked and ready to go

in your car at all times.
Mine is packed with a set of shoes, socks, extra underwear,

a sports bra, lifting gloves,
a couple magazines, a water bottle, gum, lip balm, tissue,

hair band and a visor…and don’t
forget the MUSIC- I use an IPod shuffle.


Day #3-Featured ARTICLE-
“”Hear My Rally CRY!!! You can be BUFF after having Children!”
it’s the phrase that started it all!


BuffMother is all about Great Mothers who want great bodies

I want to reach mothers of all fitness levels and experience and mold them into BuffMothers!

BuffMother is for everyone, no matter where you are right now you are in control of your body, your life and your legacy!

Pillars of success:

  1. Belief- Mindset, I did it and you can too, I am a the testimony behind this,  this is the program I used and still use it today.
  • I understand where you are
  • There is hope
  • Society and our mother have told us a lie!  Hear my Rally cry you can be buff after having children.  You must believe this.
  • You can create a Legacy of health and fitness for your family!!
  1. Hormonal timing:

The main reason you failed in the past is because you did not take into account your cycle.  Hormonal Timing by BuffMother will condition you to use your body’s natural hormones to make you buff.

  1. Muscle Burns FAT!
  • Focus on building muscle, you will become smaller, leaner and more beautiful, you will not become bulky.
  • Buff Beauty vs. youth beauty
  • Muscle mass index
  • All other programs leave you “Skinny fat”
  1. The program:
  • Hormonal timing uses: 2 weeks build/2weeks buff
  • Specific exercises lift heavy and intense.  Use the 3 main big muscle groups.  Chest/ Back/Legs
  • Sets you need to vary it.  Your body and mind gets bored.
  • Reps- general rule- low reps high weight
  • Intervals
  • Intensity
  • Consistency
  1. Specific diet: the 5-4-3-2-1 diet
  • Eat protein and don’t be afraid of eating fat.
  • Use Supplements
  • Photoshoot prep diet
  1. The BuffMother! support team.  Plug into the TeamBuffMother.com private website.  You will be inspired and encouraged we are all in this together.  There is always someone in worse condition than yourself.  They would love to be in your shoes.  Find those people and encourage them to come up higher and make sure you are setting a winning example for them to follow.  You will get where you want to be by helping others.  Also, Contests, Recognition and Success tracking


Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused...38 days left to get FIT!!!
Be Prepared follow the PILLARS and Succeed!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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