Train your Brain!

95% of the battle to get fit is in your BRAIN! Use these secrets to win the war towards staying positive, motivated and determined toward ACTION!! Please, watch, share, comment, like as Michelle Berger of coaches you and inspires you toward your fitness goals.
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Info- Fitness basics

  1. Benefits of exercise- Disease prevention, stress reduction, Nervous system, brain, heart, joints, muscle mass, diabetes,
  2. Hormones stimulated vs. Calories burned: Youthful body is goal??
  3. Toxins- Lymphatic system
  4. Everything counts!
  5. Cellular level changes: energy production becomes more efficient, wastes eliminated more effectively, healthy body mind and spirit



Massive Momentum!


Break the negative pattern!

I want you to become an EXPERT  in the art of

breaking a negative momentum patterns. In other words, I will teach you how to keep

negative momentum from building.

You must stop it dead in its tracks!


Personally, if I go more than 2 days without doing

some sort of exercise, it takes a cattle prod to get me off my lazy butt!!

The same goes for eating veggies, drinking my water, etc. I know that when I get

into one of these negative momentum patterns, I must go back to the basics

and take action immediately to get my BuffMoJo headed in the right direction.


Momentum always fuels more momentum!


Every wise choice creates eternal benefits:

I believe that every positive choice you make concerning attitude, diet

and fitness carries lifelong benefits. Simply put, every time you exercise, your

body changes for the better on a cellular level. Nobody can take it away from

you!! I’m talking about: every set, rep, cardio session, vegetable you

eat, glass of water you drink, etc. Every good decision affects every

cell of your body in a positive way forever! When you truly understand

this fact, it is powerful!


If you aren’t doing something to gain

“MoJo” you’re losing it!


I know this might sound a little intimidating so let’s simplify. You must

understand that success or failure will be determined by the little things that

you do on a daily basis.


I call the LITTLE THINGS you do daily the “BuffMoJo Basics.”

Use them when you are stuck in a negative

momentum pattern.


The BuffMoJo Basics:

Drink a glass of water

Eat a green veggie

Exercise for 2 minutes

Write down a positive affirmation

Write down 5 things you are thankful for

Identify 3 positive qualities in the next person you see

Pay someone a genuine compliment

Encourage someone

Stand up and stretch

Take 5 deep breaths, exhaling completely after each one.

Clean something for 2 minutes

Stretch for 3 minutes

Eat a piece of fruit

Eat a carrot

Take your Hormonal Timing Pill and multivitamin.

Avoid the temptation to do something negative – this counts as doing something positive!


Let’s use a mental illustration:

Picture a train parked on tracks that lead up a long gradual hill. This train

represents your momentum. At the top of the hill is success, your dream, life

goals, etc.). At the bottom of the hill is a bottomless pit called failure. Every

positive imprint is fuel for the train making it speed up the hill. Every negative

imprint is like lead weighing the train down. Remember, you are either gaining

speed going up the hill, creating positive momentum to your goal, or you

are rolling backwards towards destroying your momentum and possibly even

creating a negative legacy.


Start making even little decisions based on whether or not it will create

positive momentum or negative momentum toward your goals. Every positive

thought, deed, comment, action, and choice has the power to create more

momentum. You literally have thousands of opportunities every single day to

gain momentum!!


Water or Coke?

Supplements over candy

Lettuce over cookies

Blueberries instead of ice cream

Banana over cereal bar

Oatmeal instead of fruit loops

Walk instead of a drive

Gym over mall

Workout vs. happy hour


Success Tool -“ 5 Minute MoJo”

You can regain and build Momentum in less than 5 minutes! Do the little

things listed below to create instant positive momentum ~


“5 Minute MoJo”

1- drink 10 oz of water

2- march for 1 minute

3- take 5 full deep breaths

4- stretch for 1 minute

5- eat a green veggie!


“You have control over every decision! The big picture is made up of the little things!”


PMA – All the Way, BABY!

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important

than any other one thing.”– Abraham Lincoln


Entire books have been written on the FACT that having a positive mental

attitude (PMA) is absolutely crucial if you want to succeed at anything.


I can’t always control what happens to me. In life there

will always be adversity. However, I do have total control over how I react to


You can do it. You can have a PMA!!


Have you ever tried to just “have a positive attitude?” Some people make is

sound so easy. I’ve heard people say “Have a positive attitude about it!” That

works for about 9 seconds and then BAM, it turns right back into negative!


The long-term solution is to change your FOCUS!

The reason most people

have attitude problems is because they are constantly focused on the problem. They think about the problem, worry about the problem, talk about the problem,

write about the problem, complain about the problem, etc. Have you ever

caught yourself doing this; You give all of your strength and energy to your

problem until you are physically and mentally exhausted? I’ve done it many

times and I know it’s a recipe for failure. The more energy you give to a problem

the bigger it will become.


Here’s a fact:

“Problem focused” people always end up discouraged, depressed, helpless

and worst of all HOPELESS! When all hope has been lost they are left with

complete and utter misery.



How would you like to wake up every day with a PMA?

Here’s how

A great strategy for creating an eternal PMA is to focus all of your energy

on SOLUTIONS instead of your problems!


Being “Solution Focused” will create hope and lead to a life filled

with PMA.



Solutions create HOPE!

“Focus on Solutions!”

Take out a sheet of paper. At the top, write down an obstacle/problem you

are currently facing. Next, brainstorm and write down every possible solution.

Now tear the problem off the top of the paper, crumple it up and get rid of it.

I suggest burning it, but it’s not a must. The point is you must totally forget

about the problem. Mentally focus all of your energy on every possible solution.

Then, begin acting on the solutions. You will find that even though your

problem might still exist, it doesn’t have power over you. Instead, all of your

energy is pouring into solutions. The feeling you now have is called HOPE, and

it’s the only thing that can fuel long term PMA.


Focusing on solutions creates hope which fuels a PMA.

  1. Write the problem or obstacle at the top of a sheet of paper.
  2. List the all the possible solutions.
  3. Eliminate problem (tear off, burn it and forget it). Give no time, energy or focus to it at all!!
  4. Give 100 percent FOCUS towards the solutions- keep the solutions infront of you constantly, read them, think about them and HOPE will explode!
  5. PMA will now grow.




You may be suffering from a “weak why.” In my experience,

this may be the most common reason that so many women feel flat-out unmotivated!

Answer this question; Why did you buy your last diet pill, weight loss

system, exercise device, etc? Most women say, “to lose weight”. In fact, most

women are obsessed with losing weight and this often leads to failure. If your

mission revolves solely around losing weight, you will struggle when times get



Evaluate YOUR “WHY” …Why Am I Doing This?!?!?!

You will subconsciously ask yourself this question thousands of times

throughout your fitness journey. Every time you are faced with a “good vs. evil”

choice, your subconscious wants to know “is it worth it”? Believe it or not,

success or failure could depend on the strength of your “WHY.” This is the

scenario; you had planned to get some exercise after work. However, when you

get home, you feel sore, tired and grumpy. Here comes the question: “WHY

am I doing this again?” Followed by: “Is it really worth it?” Your CHOICE will

depend on the strength of your “WHY”.


Other common scenarios:

  • When your diet calls for a green veggie but you want to eat cookies….


  • When you need to get up and exercise but the couch suddenly feels

so comfy…WHY…?

  • When you want to complain about something but you know you

should choose a PMA….WHY…?


Do you have a “WEAK WHY”? Let’s test it!

Most women will answer the “WHY” question with one of the following;

  • I need to lose weight!
  • I want to wear the same size as I did in college!
  • I want to look more attractive!


These are all great REASONS to practice healthy habits but they are what I

call “WEAK WHYS.” They might work for a short time but they simply aren’t

strong enough to help you make good choices on a permanent basis.




This focus on fast, easy weight loss sets us up for failure because the truth

is; dramatic results take work, discipline, sacrifice, discomfort, etc. You need

a better reason than “losing weight” to justify paying the price of success. You

won’t experience the euphoric success, until

you develop a “STRONG WHY.”


Act out of LOVE??  or FEAR??


LOVE- being inactive?, love food, feeling better, exercising or benefits of it, kids/grandkids, 0

FEAR- caregiver, are you afraid of being attractive?, does your family fear losing you if you accomplish your goals?, are you holding back because you fear others opinions , germaphobic, change, pain, sweat,




Training your Brain will allow you to create

momentum and allow you to reach the “next level”! You can radically change

your body, life and legacy using these foundational principles!!



Massive Momentum!

  • Momentum is either positive or negative
  • You must become a master at stopping negative momentum
  • BuffMoJo Basics are the LITTLE THINGS you can do to gain positive


  •  “5 Minute MoJo” gives you a quick and easy strategy to

stop a negative momentum pattern dead in it’s tracks.


Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

  • A PMA has the power to overcome any obstacle.
  • A negative mental attitude is the result of constantly focusing on your


  • Negative mental attitudes are contagious.
  • Don’t spend time with anyone that has a NMA (negative mental atti-


  • The best way to create a PMA is to focus your energy on solutions.
  • “Focusing on Solutions” will create hope.
  • Hope is the only long-term fuel for a PMA



  • If your “why” revolves solely around a measured visible result it is a

“Weak Why”

  • A “STRONG WHY” is critical for achieving big time success!! And, it

must revolve around the people you love.

  • Understand that your choices will leave eternal imprints on everything.
  • These imprints will eventually become your Legacy.
  • Living your life with a “Legacy Perspective.” This will

result in success in other areas such as weight loss, more energy, etc…




“Relentless motivation is achieved when a person is motivated by the vision of each positive choice magnified a thousand times. When that vision drives every choice they make, they cannot be stopped.”


Measure your Success

First off, Get rid of your scale mentality:

We are too often programmed to think we have to weigh a certain amount

to be happy. We say to ourselves “If I could only weigh what I did in high

school.” That thought process can be very defeating; you need to get rid of that

scale mentality. If you are healthy, in shape and happy, who cares how

much you weigh?


The most athletic bodies are often considered overweight if placed on the

standard height/weight chart. Why? Because muscle is so dense that the same

volume of muscle weighs much more than fat. Muscle also holds about 60 percent

more water than fat tissue which adds to the reason why muscular people

tend to weigh much more than their “skinny fat” counterparts. So, don’t get

stuck thinking that you have to be a certain weight. It’s more about how you

look and perform.


Instead of weight, you should be most concerned about your muscle mass

percentage and your body fat percentage, your body composition. How much

muscle and fat is on your body? Does it jiggle and wiggle? Or are you firm and

tight? To be buff you need to have a high percentage of muscle and a lower

amount of body fat. That way you can see the sexy shape of your body that your

fat is hiding.


Please also realize that fat not only resides on top of your muscle but INSIDE

your muscle. It is marbled in there similar to a rib eye steak. So when

you are out of shape and you think your muscles look big, realize that they are

not all muscle, there is FAT hiding in them that only consistent EXERCISE and

a good diet can melt away.


Measure your success in more ways than numbers

Getting in shape takes patience, consistency and TIME!

If you feel like you aren’t getting there fast enough…

You have to find more measurements for your success:

Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

Are you increasing your weights at the gym?

Are you getting in better shape?

Do you have a an overall better mood?

How do you look?

How do you feel?

Are your rings looser?

Do your muscles feel firmer?

Do you feel more coordinated, agile or flexible?

Do you have more confidence?

Do you have more energy?

Are you learning new things?

Are you being a good example to your kids, family and friends?

Are you inspiring others to make changes themselves?


There is so much more to all of this than your immediate measurable results.

You are doing GREAT!!! Keep it up!


As you perform your fitness and diet program, it is smart to record your

daily progress toward your goals so that you can track your success…


“BELIEVE that every activity, set, rep, veggie you eat,

glass of water you drink, etc… affects every CELL of you body in a positive way forever!”



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