6 S’s for Success

The 6 S’s of Success~ I attribute my success to a few things:

  1.     SUNSHINE!! I have so much energy when I get sunshine- I’m strive to get outside daily
  2.     SQUATS!! I consistently do REAL squats and dead-lifts–the smith version just isn’t the same!! I’m STOKING my fat furnaces!!
  3.     SKIMPING on my CARB intake…I’ve become a pro at keeping my carbs under control! Eating less than 3 servings a day on average for the past year and upping my protein and greens intake!
  4.     SUPPLEMENTS~ consistency with supplements–Multi, Calcium, HT Pills, Biotin, a Probiotic, PS, NO2 and Creatine .
  5.     SPINACH, salads and other greens– I’ve been eating my greens!
  6.     SUPER FOCUS on increasing my AEROBIC fitness– this helps your body build more mitochondria which helps a person burn fat!

Now on to my FOOD!! I started eating again, YAY!!  My DH was DYING to get me to start eating again last night…he made the very valid argument that I stopped eating the previous Tuesday night after dinner so it would be 7 days of liquids only after dinner time last night.

So I ate a late meal — my fast was officially broken at 9:35 pm last night.  Here’s what I ate~ not the cleanest option, but AMAZINGLY PERFECTLY TASTY with no ill effects. Half a Chicken enchilada (on a low carb flour tortilla) with rice, salsa, olives, sour cream, red pepper and some Romain lettuce.

Then this morning I mad super yummy eggs with onions, mushrooms, green onions, butter, cheese, cream, avocado, peppers and bacon. DH said they were th BEST eggs he’s ever eaten!

I also made the avacado eggs– DID NOT LIKE THEM! A waste of time and avacado


It has been wonderful!!


In a bit I’ll use that fuel to get in my first lifting workout since last week. Then later I need to bring DD to guitar lessons. The kids still didn’t have school today Looks like they will have NO Spring Break this year.


Time to roll!!

Love ya’s,




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