Strong Dose of Reality

Hey Ya!

My Saturday went by fast, I got curtains put up in my downstairs kitchen/living room area. It took only me 2 years to do it!!

I did another easy workout today. I rode bike for 10 mins, then ran for 20 with some intervals mixed in, then I did some really light squats and dancing and stretching.

Today I woke up to the reality of how well “Dieters Tea” works…why don’t I ever learn with that stuff?! When I drank it last night I was in a 3 day without situation, so…at least now my tummy does feel better.

I now see the light at the end of the tunnel for this fast, I get to eat on WEDNESDAY~!!

I’m happy how WELL I feel.  But also sad that my body feels better without food…it is a strong dose of reality that my body was “STRESSED” from the food sensitivities I have been living with.  I know this fast will help reset my body and help me strive to do better with my eating.  It’s definitely a CHALLENGE for me!   I bought some resources for my re-entry into eating…need to study and shop over the next couple days. I’ll share more about it as I learn.


I’m watching the Vikings game right now…later I think a good movie would be fun. Any suggestions?


Have a nice night! -Michelle

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