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Lunge for Butt~ Day#3 Hot Hiney~


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Tues chest workout:


45×10 warm up 95×6


135×6, 4+2 with spot

Bench dips~ 1 set

knee ups

Dips: 8, 6


Incline flys:




Push ups- 2 sets(booty popping ones)


Kick backs 10’sx10 15’sx6x3


Then off for my run~

Warm up 6 min then 6 hills- run up jog down- 1 easy paced hill then 1 hard paced

  1. 53
  2. 45
  3. 52
  4. 44 hr 170- 2 min extra recovery
  5. 58
  6. 47

1 min after HR back to 150 Run steady last 4 mins.


After my run I found out my Brother and SIL had their first baby~ a boy named Johnny Robert Danielson– I’m so excited to be an auntie again!!


I also had my hubby take my booty pics- Bigger ones here:…p;clipsTab=ALL_FILES

– and my measurements are~

  • weight 130
  • 35.5″ around my hips/booty–want this bigger so that when I lean up a bit more it doesn’t end up being 34
  • 20.5″ around my upper thigh- this shows I can lean up a bit– typically I’m at about 19.5 when lean



I’ve got a busy day ahead~ Including a leg workout.


I’ll pop in again later to check on ya’ll!!


p.s. for VIP’s check this post out: Hot Hiney Help~ VIP!!



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