Cabin Fever!

I’ve been home with my family since Wednesday.  School was canceled again today (the 3rd day) and just got the call that school is called off again tomorrow. Needless to say, I got a bad case of CABIN FEVER, yet at the same time I have these odd feelings of never wanting to go anywhere ever again.  STRANGE how our minds play games with us.


Part of my not wanting to go anywhere is that I haven’t eaten food in almost 6 days now as part of my liquid fast.  Seriously, if you look at my Pinterest page you’ll see I’ve been very hungry for some MEAT!


Today, I’ve been a bit grouchy.  I feel like I NOW need a “FAST” from humans!  I am a person that CHERISHES alone time!  I do best with a healthy dose of it often.  I get a lot accomplished when alone.  Workouts for me tend to be “alone time”…. maybe that’s what I need this afternoon.  A light workout?


Anyhow my POA for the week looks like this:

M- light cardio

T- light exercise; last day of liquid fast

W- chest/tris/abs and run intervals

Th- LEGS; teach class in Fayetteville

F- Back/shoulders/biceps/abs and run intervals

Sa- Chest/tris/Abs and boxing/ bike intervals

Su- off


Now, I think I’ll bike for 20 mins to get out of this grouchy mood!





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