Better post quick!

HI! well this morning after posting a tiny blog to remind you of the contest…my internet went down.  It turns out the dirt road “grater” ripped up the internet line and I was with out my connection all day. AND tomorrow will be much of the same as the completely have to re-do the box.

Tomorrow is DAY 10 of our Hot HINEY contest~


So…I worked on a bunch of offline stuff today- along with my leg workout.

Warm up BIKE

Squats 45×10, 95×10, 135×10*, 155x10x2sets, 135×10

Deads 135x10x4sets Lunges 45#curl bar on back x10 forward lunges (ea. leg)+ one set stationary lunges

ABS and several sets of other booty stuff in between, some HAM and SUB sandwich moves PLUS  practicing my BLT sandwich moves!


*took my pic here with the caption Stay consistent and One day soon you’ll be saying this too..”No seriously I got this 135 is a warm-up set for me”! @thebuffmother #workoutproof #squat #buff #butt


Lifting heavy is so effective– keep challenging yourself, its worth it!!

love ya ladies!!




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