Holy Holidays!

Today is the last day to sign up for our


BuffMother Christmas gift exchange


Man the Holidays are off to a RUNNING START for sure! I’m not ready at all…but am inspired to get into the spirit FAST!

I’d like to have a totally HOLY HOLIDAY this year. One that is truly Gloriously filled with Angels, Baby Jesus, Bible stories, Powerful Praise, Joyful laughter, Loads of Love and the Supernatural Spirit of GOD!

As I mentioned last week in my POA, I’m going to be striving to do a “fast” starting this Wednesday. The goal will be 7 days of only liquids…

The fast is for 2 reasons:

  1. Rest. Reset, Cleanse, HEAL my digestive system allowing my body to detox and cleanse itself from toxins, allergens, etc… My hopes is to help eliminate some of my food sensitivities and get my entire body working more optimally!
  2. My Spirit. Grow closer to God, find clearer, stronger, firmer more loving connection to HIM!

POA for the next 10 days~

S- Legs M- Upper body/run

T- off my workouts~ train clients in person and teach class at Project Fabulous W- start FAST Th-Tu…just be active take one day at a time in regards to workouts but don’t STRAIN body too much, without food too intense exercise can be very damaging!

W- ease back into eating

FYI- I’ve never gone more than 3 days on a fast…I’m SCARED!

I’ll post often to let you know how it goes

Have a wonderful SUNDAY!!

Love, Michelle



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