Keeping it TIGHT on Turkey day!

Keeping TIGHT on Turkey day!! and BEYOND is vital for all of us During the HOLIDAYS.

In my opinion Holiday STRESS is the root cause of the typical 10 pound Holiday weight gain.  Good STRESS is still STRESS~!!  Remember to take  these 3 steps to help reduce and manage your stress this Holiday SEASON.


1. EXERCISE!  Don’t think being ACTIVE is enough you need to EXERCISE! Exercise is the best STRESS BUSTER! It refreshes our body, mind and spirit!  I strive to never have more than 1 day in a row “off” workouts.  If my momentum gets if I miss 2 days consecutive days of workouts. GUARD your MOMENTUM! Don’t let it get lost~ Get in some EXERCISE at least every other day! You DO have the time!


2. Guard your SLEEP!  Don’t let travel, uncomfortable beds, extra caffeine, late night parties, etc… catch up with you. SLEEP is vital for your health, your SANITY, your ability to think rationally when it comes to FOOD, and for your mood! No one handles stress well if they are not getting enough rest.  Be sure to limit your caffeine intake to just the morning hours of the day and if you need a nap TAKE ONE! No one likes dealing with a sleep deprived Scrooge during the holidays.


3. Laugh! There’s a reason why SANTA say “HO, HO, HO”; He does to fight off stress!  If you feel overwhelmed breath and decide to KEEP IT FUN! Look for the JOY in the Holiday, Watch a funny movie, Play a fun game with your family, Tell a joke or tickle your little nephew’s armpits! Keep it fun and LAUGH!!




My mindset when it comes to Holiday eating is to limit the “excuses” to throw diet out the window.  The 2 days I allow FREEDOM in my choices are Thanksgiving day and Christmas Eve.  Otherwise I stick tight to my regular eating habits.  At parties I keep it tight…they are more about the SOCIAL aspect than the foods.  My focus is friends and family over the food selections.  I eat, but within my normal food parameters. It’s very do-able and a Hott for the HOLIDAYS is worth it!!


Healthy Holiday EATING Tips:

~Hit the Relish tray hard… fill up on celery, broccoli, cumbers, cauliflower and even items like pickles, olives, pickled okra, etc… They are way better to munch on than M&M’s, Chips or cookies.

~Fill your plate with PROTEIN– eat more of that big old Turkey or ham.  Protein is not what makes you gain weight during the holiday.

~ Eat the GREEN veggies.  Don’t be afraid of some green been or broccoli casserole…but focus on the GREEN portion of it. Plus a lettuce salad is always a GRAND idea at any meal!

~Keep your portions small, take a small amount of what you’d like to eat– you’ll be amazed at how fast that plate fills up!

~ JUST PICK ONE!! One dessert and then be done!


I have 100% confidence in you that we can keep it TIGHT this holiday season!!

Your friend, Michelle



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