I love interaction!

Loved being home today after “going” all day yesterday, which I actually LOVED too! I really do love interacting with people through personal training.  I just wish I had 40 hours in every day to do it and everything else on my “to do” list!


My “DONE list” for today:

  • Sent off shirt sizes for shirt order
  • Sent texts to all 6 of my challengers
  • Made sure 2 of my trainers and challenger got in their workouts today
  • Paid some bills
  • updated 1 shopping cart
  • Talked to my little sister (she’s preggers, due in 4 weeks!!) and MIL on the phone
  • updated my credit cards online a bit
  • got fulfillment of orders done- ready to ship out tomorrow
  • sent off some “weekly contest” ideas
  • got in a good solid leg workout
  • brought Gracie to guitar
  • made supper- pizzas for kids/hubby and for me a modified pizza style slice of tomato, YUM!

Here’s my workout proof picture:


The workout went like this

warm up on bike

Dead lifts 135x15x4sets first 5 reps short, second 5 reps full, 3rd 5 romainian style



45×10 95×10





2 big sets with 45#barbell on back 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5 set 1 reps; 5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1,1 set 2 reps


between leg sets did abs: knee ups, ab wheel, hip rotations, hip ups

plus some biceps Tomorrow is another busy day of training clients/working out with them.  I’ve got 4 appts set for tomorrow. One of which is with a NEW UFC gym in the area– I’ll be doing class at 11:45 with the 2 men in the 90day challenge! I’ll certiainly have to show them how it’s done!!


Hope you sleep good! I know I will~

Love ya, Michelle


I’m thinking about doing this~ where do I find an ugly sweater. anyone have one I can borrow??

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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