PMA Monday

I am pressing hard to have a PMA (positive mental attitude) today…I woke up a bit blue today…not sure why?  BUT I have a good theory that it’s because I Didn’t get in my workout on SAT or SUN!  Bad me!!

Saturday turned out to be consumed by Softball…We had a tournament out of town and I spent the entire day with my girls there. The good news is we WON!

BUT, I lost the battle of CARBS that day– I ate a dipped ice cream cone from McD’s, a bunch of BBQ Chips, and even a bowl of CAPTAIN CRUNCH!! I haven’t eaten a bowl of cereal in FOREVER!


Anyhow, I woke up to Cycle day 1 yesterday and was back in control of my food yesterday.  It was a VERY active day, but no “workout”.  I burned several brush piles, trimmed some trees, planted trees, went for a hike, bbq’d some chicken, etc… It was a fun family day!


Today, I was up early to get my son to football practice and home again. Then off again to bring the girls to VBS. That’s all week from 9 to Noon…It’ll be good to have them occupied for a few hours each day! In addition to being a taxi service, My week is looking BUSY! I have a bunch of paperwork and errands to accomplish and lots of birthday prepping to do– gotta look and feel great for my B-DAY Weekend!!


I’m feeling more positive already!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your life!!



p.s. meet our new baby

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