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Running is vital to my success~

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Fri, 2013/02/01 – 10:21am — BuffMother

I am a Runner…Yeah it’s true!  I try to deny it constantly.  I RUN AWAY from the term “runner” and always have! When I was in Track and Cross Country as a teen my classmates would always ask me: why do you like running so much?” My answer was– “I DON’T Like it, I am just GOOD at it, so I do it.” As I’ve matured and gone through years without being able to run due to injury…I now admit I do love it.  It’s such an effective way to stay in shape and during my runs I thank GOD for the gift of running HE’s given me!  Running is vital to my success and it’s my favorite form of cardio.  I don’t run FAR and I don’t jog. I RUN fast!  I am more about how fast I can run than increasing my distance.  The longest run I EVER do is less than 4 miles.  Most of my runs contain intervals. I’ll pick up my speed for a bit (most often 1 minute) and then decrease my speed for a bit, repeating this during the entire run.  Another one of my FAVORITE types of runs this past year has been doing trail hills.  Hills intensify the run a lot without a lot of mental focus…which is good for this mentally challenged momma, lol!

This month I’d like to get to know you better by doing a bit of a Challenge daily…Let’s post about our FAVORITES this February.  Knowing more about you will help me help you with info you crave!! Feel free to share!!

Favorites February!!

Now on to my February Goals:

  • Have fun with “Favorites February”
  • Get the NEW Rally Room project moving forward- see below
  • Figure out more details of the VEGAS Gathering!!
  • Ramp up the NEW Team BuffMother Contest and VEGAS gathering Body PREP!!
  • Complete Gunner’s room renovation

February is going to be GREAT!!
Love ya’s,


p.s. Are you are forum savvy? an internet geek? addicted to posting online? I am looking for a “TEST” group for our new TEAM BuffMother Rally Room site- we need ladies to help us figure out the set up…if you are interested please email me.  Michelle@buffmother.com~ Testing will start sometime next week!!

What is your favorite lower body exercise?? Mine= Squats!!

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Sun, 2013/02/03 – 9:44am — BuffMother

Saturday was Feb 2nd and Day 2 of our Favorites February….

What is your favorite lower body exercise??
Mine= Squats!!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to squat~ Squats


My Saturday was a good one, It started wtih a quick workout at the gym- LEGS of course…then directly to Gracie’s last regular season 5th grade BB game. They actually won!! It’s was a great way to finish the season, sort of…next week each night they have a TOURNAMENT!

Here’s My Workout Proof pic from yesterday~ #workoutproof

After  that I went home did some cleaning and met with the electrician about getting Gunner’s room “electrified”, LOL! Once that was done it was time to go PLAY on my tractor, build a fire and enjoy the amzing land God has blessed us with!


Once it got dark, I had to run to town again for a bit since Gracie’s BB Team was in charge of the gym clean up…It took about hour of my night~ which wasn’t super convient, but HEY Mommy has to do thing they don’t want to sometimes 🙂

The night wasn’t over yet…WE relucntantly decided to order the UFC PPV.  Most of the fights were duds, but I was happy to see Frankie Edgar lose. I’m not a fan of his.

It was a good day!! NOW to make this SUNDAY be AWESOME TOO!!

Love ya,


P.S. Be sure to join in our FAVORITES FEBRUARY daily “chats”…Here’s the rest of week #1’s topics~

I love benching!!

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Sun, 2013/02/03 – 9:58am — BuffMother

I love benching!! What’s your favorite Upper body exercise??

I bench press in this Video…

Have a lovely, SUNDAY!!


A shout out to FITNESS Personalities!!

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Tue, 2013/02/05 – 8:33am — BuffMother

In line with our “Favorites February” I asked for input on WHO IS YOUR FAVOIRTE FITNESS PERSONALITY?  The responses were great and you introduced me to several NEW personalities!!
I actually have a lot of favorite fitness personalities…but if I’d have to pick one who is my current “favorite” it would be

Zuzana Light.  She is so such an inspiration to me not only in her fitness, but also in her work ethic…. http://www.ZuzkaLight.com/


Thanks for your input and for those of you who mentioned me, THANKS A TON!! I am honored to have made the list… here’s a shout out to several of the favorites you shared~

My workout yesterday was a run, hills on the trail…it was good and effective.

Today, I’ll be lifting upper body at home~ this afternoon I need to go to Bentonville for an orthodontic appt…and some shopping~ :busymom:

have a Terrific day!!


p.s. Be sure to share your favoirite fitness personalities and their links in the comments below!!


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Thu, 2013/02/07 – 11:58am — BuffMother

Favorites Month is a BIG HIT!! I am having a blast reading all the responses and feedback, thanks for your participation!!
Yesterday I asked,

What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???…. something you can’t workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?
Photo: What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???.... something you can't workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?

Many of you had the same answers as me…Ipod Shuffle or another music player. Some other items were: Fitbit, calorie-tracking watch., Pandora, my dumbbells , GymBoss, New running shoes, interval app, Femme fitale pink and crystal gloves, miofit watch, Olympic bar, Water, HR monitor, Kleenexes, workout log, Nothing, all I need is my body!, sunglasses,, Chapstick, chewing gum


Today’s question is:

What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?
Photo: What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?

My workout time is most often in the afternoon…lately that’s been around 3-4pm.  I sometimes wonder if all the years I spent in after-school sports practice is why that time of day is my FAVORITE time to workout??  Another reason I like to workout then is it’s a LULL of the day and a HUNGRY time of day– I could either spend those afternoon slump hours eating or napping or working out.  I choose the workout option!

I would optimally LOVE to be a morning workout person.  BUT, my body is DEAD in the early morning hours.  I have had times when I’ve consitently hit the gym right after getting the kids to school.  And also 10 am has been a great time for consistent workouts too…

When I’ve had a job, RIGHT AFTER work has been the best solution– If I had a “real job” now, in an optimal world with no sweat or red faces NOON workouts would be nice..

The main thing with workouts are getting them DONE in a consistent manner.  Time of day is not nearly as important as just doing them!  But let’s not forget the FUEL factor when it comes to workouts.  You want to be fuel but not FULL!

My workouts this week have been a little off…I have had an earache and it’s affecting my energy 🙁

Monday- I ran hills
Tuesday- I took off
Wednesday- I did a small chest workout and ran hills

Today I have legs on tap– I’ll do them at about 3pm today.

No matter what time you workout it works!! DO IT!

Love, Michelle

Testing is underway!!!

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Sun, 2013/02/10 – 12:20pm — BuffMother

It’s been and exciting week for TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! We are testing a NEW RALLY ROOM!! On friday I sent out a special invite to many of our Team Leaders inviting them to try it out! The site is working well and if all goes smoothly I hope to OPEN it up to the world MARCH 1!! That’s the anniversary date for the LAUNCH of this rally room 7 years ago.  AMAZING!

Anyhow…in other news I am still struggling a bit with earaches.  I may need to go to the DR. this week??  My energy has been a bit down, but I’m keeping as active as I can.  Yesterday i went for a run with my son~ it was GREAT to have someone to run with!! We are going to have a good time training together now that he’s old enough to keep up and even PUSH me!!

Yesterday was my Twins 10th b-day.  I can’t believe it was a decade ago that I had them~ OUCH! I’m so happy that it’s now and not then.  We had a party for them at the bowling alley yesterday afternoon and then came home in the evening for presents, quesedellias, more cake and a MOVIE- “Here comes the BOOM”…it was a great finish to the day!!

Today I’m supposed to go to a Softball coaching meeting….I’m going to make an appearance but can’t stay the entire time. It’s not mandatory for me as I’m just an assistant 🙂

I’d like to get in a good upper body lifting workout tonight…and maybe some more exercise outside.  IT’s warm here, but WINDY!

Hope you have a great SUNDAY! Love ya~ Michelle

p.s. Check out the FAVORITE’s posts from the past few days on my Facebook:

On your SPA day…how do you LOVE to pamper yourself? A Massage? Mani/Pedi? Facial? Hair treatment? etc…What is your favorite spa service?https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/307391_10152540359610055_1748743341_n.jpg

Let’s talk HAIR!? What is your favorite hair product? Shampoo? Color? etc..My faves right now are REDKIN’s Intraforce for shampoo, conditioner and treatment…and BIG SEXY HAIR- “Spray and Play” for my hairspray. What are your Hair Favorites?


So what is your FAVORITE Casual wear? Jeans? Dresses? Skirts? Button downs? T-shirt? Boots, sneakers, flip-flops? https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/307475_10152534267310055_1414398961_n.jpg

VEGAS!! final invite

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Mon, 2013/02/11 – 10:36am — BuffMother

LADIES!! This is the Your FINAL INVITE!
To be a part of the 2013 Team BuffMother Gathering in
EACH of you who confirms your travel will receive an invite to join a special FREE, online group training program that will last for about 6 or 7 weeks prior to our trip. It’ll be a great way for us to get to know each other and help us get in shape for the FUN ahead!! It’s always a blast getting
to hang out with like-minded women!!

~TRIP DATES: Thurs. April 25- Sat. April 27 (fly in Thurs, fly out Sun)

~Other DETAILS: PRIVATE…only to those individuals highly interested in attending

Please MESSAGE with your interest level and email address:
Are you committed to go?
Are you bringing anyone with you (a spouse) or a friend?
Do you need help finding a roomie?

We are going to have a BLAST!!
Michelle Berger

p.s. Please invite your sisters/girlfriends
to join us on this girls weekend!!


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Tue, 2013/02/12 – 4:53pm — BuffMother

Today’s workout~ Warm up 6 mon bike
Leg curls (bow flex) 30×15, 40x10x3
Paired with leg extension
90×10, 115x10x3
Abs between
Crunches x25,20,25,25
Ball ladder crunch 30×2
Hip bridge 15×2
Adductor v’s 20×3
95×6,135×6,155x6x3 sets
Lower back stretches
Knee ups on bench 25x2sets
Cycle day 22, 127.8 pounds



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