Favorite Shows

A few days ago, I asked: What is your Favorite thing to watch? its is a tv show, a you tube channel, sports, comedy, documentary, news show, day time talk, drama, etc??

I’m surprised no one mentioned: American Idol, AFV, The Ultimate Fighter, the Mentalist, Parks and Recreation, Jimmy Fallon, Rules of Engagement, Justified, White Collar, Mad Men, SMASH and syndicated shows like: King of Queens, Seinfeld, Friends, etc.

My current FAVORITE is between TUF and the Following.  Up until this season I LOVED Justified, but something happened to it and this season is really BAD 🙁 …it’s so sad!


We got a ton of responses~ Here’s a breakdown of the  list and MY HONEST COMMENTS on each show-

  • Big Bang Theory – want to watch it, never really have, I’ll start DVR’ing it
  • Duck Dynasty- good whole sum fun, Happy, Happy, Happy!
  • walking dead- I don’t get  ZOMBIES.? Don’t think I’ll ever watch it
  • true crime tv- depressing, yet I do like TRUE stories
  • Criminal Minds!- too crazy
  • Redbox Movies-  a win if the machine is working
  • Revenge- My Mom says she loves this show…my kids watch it, I never have
  • Castle- an ok show, hubby dislikes lead actor, so…we don’t watch it too often
  • True Blood- never watched it
  • Dexter- heard it was good!
  • Person of Interest- we watch it, good show but not in LOVE with it
  • The Following- OH yes, we’ve been watching this– CREEPY but good!
  • Nashville- I watch this alone, hubby refuses and I have to admit it’s a soap opera
  • New Girl- not interested in this
  • Scandal- never watched, looks interesting
  • HGTV- not really, I’m not into decorating much
  • history documentaries- Hubby loves these about Hitler and other wars
  • Biggest Loser- Do not watch, It’s too stressful
  • Pretty Little Liars-  never watched
  • Modern Family- funny show, but don’t watch often, I don’t like the gay guys
  • Real Housewives of Orange County & Beverly Hills- never watched
  • The Kardashians- I can’t watch, it’s too stupid
  • Fringe- tried watching this once– didn’t like the actors
  • Once Upon a Time- my girls love this show
  • Downton Abbey- I’ve heard about it, no clue when it’s on??
  • Bones- Used to watch it, but lost interest
  • Suburgatory
  • How I Met Your Mother- hate this show
  • 2 Broke Girls- not interested
  • Super Hero movies- who doesn’t?!
  • Fantasy of vampires- no interest in vampire shows
  • The taste- hate food competions
  • The bachelor- watched it years ago haven’t since
  • news- never watch the news, you’ll get depressed!
  • the Doctors- saw it once, seems decent– I don’t watch daytime tv
  • talk shows- never watch
  • Psych- I should DVR this
  • Leverage- no clue what this show is?
  • life on mars- not interested in mars 🙁
  • Extreme weight loss; with Chris Powell-Never watched, never will- shows in my profession are too stressful for me to endure
  • Sport center – watch it during football season
  • Faceoff- hate it!
  • Joyce Meyer- love her, need to start watching her again
  • Mike & Molly- decent for a couple laughs if Molly sister is on
  •  SNL- used to watch it, but now it doesn’t seem worth it, not funny anymore
  • biographies- Love A&E
  • Tom & Jerry cartoons- always a win
  • Horse racing at Oaklawn- never been, but should!
  • LOST – I should watch this series from the start on NETFlix
  • Prison Break-I should watch this series from the start on NETFlix
  • Sons of anarchy -I should watch this series from the start on NETFlix



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