Workin’ Wednesday

My Wednesday was spent on the MOVE– working hard on mowing, fertilizing, weeding, moving, cleaning, sorting, and then RUNNING!!  I am very proud of myself for getting in my second run of  the week.

Today I was down to 128.6…the first time I’ve seen 128 in a few weeks, YAY!! Staying active works and running works!  Now if I can keep losing a pound a week for April, I’ll be very happy to have my weight come in at about 125 for the WArrior DASH! It’s so much easier to run a bit lighter!!

Tuesday- I didn’t get a leg workout in, instead Gunner and I played tennis.  So Legs are on tap for today!

I have to go unload my van, get some boxes unpacked and eat lunch so I’m fueld for my workout at 3!

Keep working hard!!


p.s. my plan is for us to start a 10 week contest on th 9th or 16th…I’m just waiting for my new website to be finished prior to starting.



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