Timely Advice ~ Days 3 & 4

I just love all the timely advice I’ve been giving myself, lol!! Yesterday our focus was HORMONES- Of which I have no shortage of at the moment as I am on cycle day 27. Today’s focus is on getting TOUGH! becuase it’s “Tired Thursday”…I am focused on being tough today in order to maintain my momentum and in order to get ONE more GREAT workout in before my football game on Saturday!!

Yesterday was busy, busy!!  I had several errands to run, a trip to the gym for legs, a Dr. appointment for my DD, Football Practice and of course work to do after all that.

My leg workout wasn’t a big one because I didn’t want to “blow” all my energy reserves for football:

warm up- hot car ride (it works)
Squats- 45×20, 95×15, 135×10, 155x10x2sets
Calf Raises- Standing- 135#x10
seated- 90#x15 just 1 set
Bicep curl machine
Dead Lifts-135#x2sets
Leg Extensions- 130×10, 150x10x2
Knee ups on roman chair- 40, 30
Lower back extensions- 1 set of 30 reps- various leg/emphasis postions

I went and worked out at noon, which is fine except there is too many people there then.  I ended up getting too much of a jaw workout in addition to legs

I schedueled my puppy to get fixed next tuesday- poor little thing, lol!  Anyhow today I have to bring her in for bloodwork, I also have to find some black football pants somewhere, go get Grocieries, and a get to a couple appts.  BUSY, BUSY!!

Needless to say, I think my workout may be in the evening today.

Let’s be tough and push though this weekend- CHAMPIONS are made on the weekend!!

You can do it!! cheerleaders




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