Live It!

Hey, Hey, Hey!! it’s that time again!! Time for a 10 week Official BuffMother! contest!!!

I’ll be posting more details within the day in the BuffMother Rally Room, here and on Facebook!! GET READY!!

So…Last night we went to the movies : “Monday night Movie time” with the family was a great experience.  The 3 girls went to Narnia while Travis, Gunner and I saw “True Grit” a cowboy movie with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.  It was a fun movie!  And the girls really liked Narnia~

In the recent weeks here are some of the movies (with my ratings as grades) that we’ve watched:

True Grit: A-

the Town: B

The other Boleyn Girl: B+

Inception: C

The American: C+

A-Team: B

Today, my mind was set free…by my amazing husband.   We had a great talk;  He really helped me through some mental barriers…. having a man like Travis to help me work through my stress is so awesome.  It’s truly amazing how much freedom and peace leaning on him has provided!! I’m done stressing~ I’m ready to LIVE it!!

My little Layla is home sick with a fever and a bit of a cough + sore throat.  I hope she recovers without having to make a trip to the Doctor.  My workout will be an at home version of legs.  I think I’ll hit it hard around 1:45 🙂  Until then I have to get our contest “announced” and do a bit of paperwork, bills and housework.

Have a productive, peaceful day!!