Monday = List Day

Time for me to make a list for the week! I have got to get focused and a LIST will help~

MONDAY is “To do” day:
To Do- planning
To Do household chores-  house is a mess from the weekend- goal is vacuum every room today!
To Do- Work- send shirts, e-mails, client catch-up
To Do- Workout- back, shoulders, biceps, abs and hold off on cardio till tomorrow- my sciatic is a bit flared, better safe than sorry.

Tuesday is “To buy” day:
To buy backpack bag for promo pack
To buy Food- crock pot stuff
To buy Birthday presents for Gracie (Dec. 14th)
To buy X-mas presents

Wednesday is “Wants” day:
Want to read a good book- “When Heaven Invades Earth”
Want to have lunch with my Hubby!
Want to work on webiste- I need to update the SSS coaching area and get DVD’s for sale
Want to work on “sales” day- need to get e-books on kindle, I-book, and other readers like nook

Thurs= training thursday:
Train on video
Train on phone with clients
Train girls- Dance class for them
Train with the Gunner for Football! and Baseball! and Speed!

Friday = FAMILY Friday:
Family Hike on the trail
Family Movie night
Family FOOD!!  what would be good? STEAK! or PIZZA!

“Finish STRONG!”- 26 days left until 2011!!

 I’m curious who was your “HEALTHY HERO” in life??

Did your parents show you how to eat well and workout?  or was it a teacher, coach, friend, co-worker, trainer, etc…??

I don’t have just one here when it comes to health:

  • My Mother taught me about making good meals for my family and taught me to limit sweets. 
  • One of my middle school teaches was fit : I heard she ran 2 miles everyday….that sounded INSANE to me!
  • My Hubby was my weight room coach in HS and he taught me a ton about lifting, proper form, sets, pushing the limits, etc…
  • Professors and coaches in college though they were not actual examples I’d want to emulate,  they were good knowledge sources.   
  • The owner of the gym where I had my first personal training job also taught me a ton about how to train clients
  • Bill Phillips- taught me that Success Stories were inspirational and that lifting works!
  • The ladies of Team BuffMother show me daily that being a GREAT role model as a woman is possible and that we can change the world by being Healthy HEROs in our every day life!!

Let’s each strive to be a “Healthy Hero”!! Let’s create a Healthy Legacy!!

Your Legacy starts by the choice you make NOW– FINISH 2010 STRONG!!  

I will have an AWESOME LEGACY!!



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