Two of my recent favorite words are OPULENT and DECADENCE- they evoke such elite enjoyment in my spirit! My plan for today is to revel in the Opulence of the Holiday and enjoy the Decadent FOOD!! chef

Thank You for making my Holiday so full of LOVE and Sisterhood. 

There are no words to describe how much Team BuffMother has blessed my life!  I Believe God has brought us together for so many amazing reasons, the most important of which is to fill the world with Love!  I love you and I am VERY THANKFUL for you today!!!

I took my pictures and measurements yesterday…I’ll post them tomorrow.  BUT I didn’t get my leg workout done …instead I opted to hang with my family as we shopped for our new hobby of archery. The girls got a starter bow yesterday!  We also got some arrows, a target and a piece of scrap carpet from Home Depot for a backstop.  So now we all have bows to shoot and a place to shoot them!! I got to shoot my bow yesterday~ FUN!!  I’ll video some of our shooting soon- it’s going to be a fun family hobby for sure!  It’s raining today, but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be sunny!

The missed workout will be made up this afternoon in my garage (powered by TURKEY DINNER) and I am still on target to hit my goal of working out every other day at least…My silly gym is closed today and tomorrow- which makes me very thankful that I have a “GARAGE” option.  Having a BACK UP workout plan is always smart.

My leg workout will include the following:

Ball Leg curls
Leg extensions
HIP MOVES and ABS between sets- keep that Pelvis mobility!

Thanks again for being a part of my life! I honestly love you deeply!
God Bless,


p.s. don’t forget to…..

“Finish STRONG!”- 37 days left in 2010- Your challenge today is to BE THANKFUL! Give thanks to God for your family, your body, your mind and your spirit! Thankfully, Enjoy the decadence of the HOLIDAY!  God Bless YOU!



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