Oh Happy Day!

OH Happy day!!  I slept good last night (thank you!!) and I so enjoyed my morning today~ It was the coolest thing to have all 4 of the kids ride the bus to school for the first time, by 6:45 my house was empty and I celebrated by going back to bed for a bit more sleep!! Sleeping

Then once I got up I got another gift- the scale said I was another pound down WooHoo!

So today is cycle day 20 and I weigh 123…that’s 6 full pounds down since cycle day 4 and the start of the “30days to Buff”~ wild!! I know that I’ll be gaining some water weight over the next week as my body preps for TOM but for now I am at my goal for my Anniversary weekend!! YIPPIE!

I got to talk to Deb this morning- MAN she ROCKS!!! Be sure to cheer her on and keep her in your thoughts as she competes at the Bluff’s Classic- this will be her 3rd year at that show 🙂  And I am certain she’ll rock it again!!

I’ve got loads of stuff to get done- so I’ll be back tomorrow to catch up more with you all.

Love and hugs,



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