Tomorrow is the DAY!

“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow!!!….”

Tomorrow is the DAY! that I will send my son off to 5th grade!! YAY!! then all 4 will be back in school! It’s been a fun time having just Gunner home~ He’s such a great little man!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that Bus Service STARTS!! YAY!! I won’t have to pick up the girls from school every afternoon!!  It will give me 1 more hour of freedom each day!!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that Travis and I will have a DATE! We have not had kidless time alone in the recent months~ so it’ll be our day to go out and play while the kiddos are in school!!  I’m excited!!  We want to go out for breakfast or coffee and do a bit of shopping!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that I get to talk with the contest team again!! We skipped our July conference call due to “SUMMER” – so it’s been a couple months! I’m FIRED UP to connect again and get our ladies on the STAGE!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that I will get my AC fixed, I hope!! It will be NICE!

Tomorrow is the DAY! that the girls get to “try” gymnastics class~ they all can be in the same group- so that’s good!! It should be fun!

Tomorrow is the DAY! I get to start the 2nd third of our “30 days GET BUFF” contest!! I’ve had great results to this point and plan to PUSH HARD toward the finish!! 1/3 done, 2/3 to go!!! LET’S GO!!! “30 days to Buff”- Day 11


To keep you up to speed- my last 3 days have panned out as follows:

Monday- cday 10-Weight 126-Tennis for 1.5 hours with Travis

Tues- cday 11-Weight 127-mish mosh workout with some squats in the early afternoon- late afternoon run 10 mins then lower body @gym

Wed-cday 12-Weight 127-I met a friend for a workout at 8:30am!~ can you believe that I did it that early??  LOL! we did upper body- chest press, lat pulls, incline chest press, seated rows and abs- then at 11 Travis and I played tennis for 2 hours- I was killing it!! LOVE IT!!

I feel really great and have been eating very well- my favorite eats have been: egg whites with pico, frozen blueberries/water and natural choc protein powder in a shake (thank you magic bullet), pickles and peanut butter, green beans with garlic, broccoli slaw salad with turkey and cashewes and some dressing, carrots…

I ovulate around day 10-12 each month- so the weight being up to 127 from 126 is totally NO BIGGIE!! I know I am working hard with stellar focus and within 2 days I’ll see NEW LOWS on the scale!! I love Hormonal Timing!!!

anyhow~ Have a super night and an even better TOMORROW!!!!





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