Secret Santa “Sassy Sock” Exchange~

2012 Secret Santa “Sassy Sock” exchange for Team BuffMother. CHRISTMAS is coming quick!!  Over the years in Team BuffMother,  we’ve always had a fun time […] Read More

Branded?? ~S6day14

Have you branded yourself? Today our 14th day of contest and it’s another day off. For my day off I love handing with family and […] Read More

Hot Yoga & Other Musings of my Mind

Well…Hot yoga was good- not as hot as I expected, the moves were rather painless but the results were a great overall feeling of calm […] Read More

Time Management March

“Time management MARCH!” will be my theme for the upcoming month.  Why you ask??  Well, I am in a tish of a funk today…I think […] Read More

Tomorrow is the DAY!

“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow!!!….” Tomorrow is the DAY! that I will send my son off to 5th grade!! YAY!! then all 4 will […] Read More

Have you branded yourself?

Today for our spring break family outing we are going to hit the trails. We just “found” a network of trails in our city last […] Read More

Party on St. Patty’s Day!!

Well the big happenings for today are to go get a workout done…here very soon 😉 and then get ready for the party tonight. The […] Read More