"All Star" April of VA

April of VA

April of  Virginia

Your Age: 27

Number of Children: 1 boy

Ages of Children: 2

April’s thoughts on Hormonal Timing:

“Hormonal Timing is a blessing in disguise.  Michelle’s ground-breaking technique is going to revolutionize the way women workout because it really works. There’s no gimmicks, or expensive shortcuts, just real results that are life changing.  She teaches you how to be in tune with your body.  I never would have thought it help cure my long-term, annoying health issues on top of regulating my cycles, moods and energy levels.  It’s also improved my skin’s appearance, libido and stress levels!  It’s amazing and it honestly works and I shall use her methods for the rest of my life.”

April’s essay about Why She loves the Rally Room ~2007:

From Strangers to Family

How do you thank someone for changing your life?  How do you thank someone for being your rock, comedian, your friend, coach, mentor, or even your shoulder to cry on?  What’s the answer?  You can’t.  There is neither word nor abundance of words that can ever express the love and gratitude I have for the Rally Room.  The Rally Room – a wonderful blend of women from all walks of life.  Who would’ve thought you could find something so amazing that you just have to believe there was some divine intervention taking place?  In cyberspace for that matter?

Before I found the Rally Room, I was a new mother with low self-esteem and little confidence in myself who had just gotten out of the military to be a stay-at-home mom.  I’ve always been a happy person who loved life, but underneath it all, I was a scared, naïve mother who before her son, had three miscarriages and couldn’t stand her body, could care less about her appearance, and put her son above everything else in fear of losing him.  After I joined the Rally Room, I felt like this huge rush of overwhelming love and friendship had hit me.  It was just the support and love I needed being away from all family and no friends to lean on.  I’m so happy when I log into the Rally Room to see what my fellow BuffMother! teammates doing with their lives and their workouts.  You learn so much from these women that you can utilize in your own life.  You end up evolving and changing for the better.  Your whole mental attitude on life changes.  You feel more confident, empowered, and just ready to take on the world!  You say to yourself, these women did it, why can’t I?

What makes the Rally Room so special?  You may think it’s the pretty colors of the website in all it’s pink and purple glory that make you smile.  But it’s not.  It’s the pictures of all those wonderful women replying to your posts.  It’s the challenges and competitions we all share to better ourselves and each other.  It’s the love we feel for complete strangers that we’ve never met, but somehow become so emotionally connected to one another.  It’s all this and so much more.

I was in the Air Force for 6 and a half years and never have I seen such unity and harmony between so many strangers in one place.  Not even the military!  The Rally Room makes me feel that I belong.  Belong to something so wonderful that you want to share it with the world no matter how crazy or obsessed you sound!  I love the feeling I get when I read responses to my posts.  That feeling is accomplishment, pride, happiness, and just plain love.  So many feelings intertwined together that make you want to spread that love!  How?  By responding to others’ posts to tell them how wonderful they are and how great they’re doing!  This leads to their happiness and confidence so they respond to another woman’s post and the beautiful cycle continues.

The Rally Room has given me my self-esteem and self-respect back.  It’s even improved my relationship with my husband.  I learn something new every time I log into the Rally Room.  It’s just a wealth of knowledge coming from real women and real

experiences.  I know when I need advice; I’ll ask the Rally Room before even looking on the Internet!  I feel such a strong connection to these ladies.  They’re my family.  They’ve helped me push myself out of my comfort zone and it’s given me the courage to start the business I’ve always dreamed of having but was afraid to try.  They’ve made me find a love for lifting and being healthier in general.  I’m beyond convinced that the Rally Room has changed my life.    Michelle’s motto says it all.  “The Key to your Motivation is to ENCOURAGE others”.  How unbelievably true!  Even if your friends or family do not support your decision to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle; you can always count on the Rally Room to be there for you rain or shine.  And that’s a great feeling.  A feeling that I don’t ever want to lose.

April’s website: www.toffeecreations.net



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