Thanks! for joining the "40 days to FIT" challenge!!

Thanks! for joining the “40 days to FIT” challenge!!

Tomorrow will be your Day 1~

Be sure to add to your safe sender list and address book.

Thanks so muchΒ  and let’s have a fun fit finish to the summer!!

Your Friend,



109 Replies to “Thanks! for joining the "40 days to FIT" challenge!!

  1. YaY!!! I need a new day ONE and this is perfect timing!! Thanks for the motivation, Michelle!! πŸ™‚

  2. Started my new eating a week ago and its going really well, I’ve been doing vacums every day for a week (yes I know its small fry stuff, but you have to start somewhere). So lets go for it, 40 days to fit!

  3. Perhaps I shouldnt be starting tomorrow! I am due my 3rd baby on Thursday but I have done pritty good staying active through my pregnancy and I guess labour is allways a good workout!

  4. Yippee! I’m starting a day early! Day 1 down! Perfect small goals are a great idea Michelle! People normally say in 3 months…in 6 months…I like to think of in 2 weeks! In 40 days, I will be starting a graduate school program for my Masters. It is the perfect way to get refreshed and fitter. We will ALL be growing into the new, beautiful, and bold US in just 40 days! We can do it! Thanks Michelle for all the encouragement and extra little pushes – I need those every day! Talk to you tomorrow! ~ Eva Diva

  5. Cant wait to get started! Have to shed these last 5 pounds! Started the book yesterday! Very excited!

  6. OMG… I can hardly wait to get started. I am getting married in 10 weeks… by then i will be a fitter, sexier person……

  7. I need to loose 25 lbs I’ve gained(yuck!)
    I am 35 mins from a gym and this makes me want to give up!

  8. I’m 7mins from the gym and I want to give up. I just moved to a new area and I cant get back in the swing of things..

  9. Hooray! Let’s get this party started!! Can’t wait to get back into the groove of things. Have been off my “fitness game” for awhile now and very eager to get back into the swing of things!

  10. This is a perfect idea… I’m still waiting for my books but this gives me the boost to start up before they get here. I keep trying to start “tomorrow” but that doesn’t seem to happen so I will start “today” a MUCH better idea! πŸ™‚ I took my before photos yesterday so I can’t wait to see what they will look like in 40 days!

  11. I needed this new start. I fell off the fitness wagon a few weeks back due to fatigue. Now I am readly to get back on!

  12. Oh Michelle, thank God for you! I’ve read your books and just keep setting them off to the side. Summer’s too short to wear things that hide a “muffin top”! I’m in on your challenge…it is just what I need to wipe the dust off my weights and tennis shoes…and maybe enjoy a few days in a bikini!!

  13. I’m on board! I actually started last week with getting back to the gym. I finished a heavy lower-body on Sunday before I even saw the e-mail! Great timing! Thanks for your motivation!

  14. I have been working with a trainer for the last two weeks. She has been doing this conditioning workout for me which is a little frustrating because I am not new to working out. I am trying something new–exercising patience. My question is what is the difference between regular squats and butt squats? At what point can I do 4 or 5 sets and how many exercises should I do for each body part if I am doing split routines?

  15. I just started my new gym and eating program 4 weeks ago but when my time of the month came alomg it knocked me well and truely off the wagon so I need to get myself back on track….I just ordered your books and while I’m waiting I can start this challenge…sounds like a great motivational tool! : – )

  16. Tomorrow will be 1 year that I’ve been at a desk job…not good! I was in great shape when I started there and it has not been good to me. My pants are tighter and I need to lose 5-10 lbs. Some would think that it’s not a lot but I’m only 5′ tall so it’s HUGE! I still go to the gym at least 3 days a week, ride my bike mornings when I can, teach Pilates twice a week and don’t eat junk food. go figure! Just can’t get these lbs off! Maybe this will help.
    Today I spent 20 mins on the elliptical – Intervals level 5, abs and 100 walking lunges. That seems like a decent day 1 to me!

  17. Yeah! Looking forward to the 40 day challenge. Have been doing great working out for the last seven months. Lift weights 3 days a week and run 3 days a week. Really looking good now, working on the diet. The motivation will be good and hubby is finishing my 8×16 home gym!

  18. I’m excited. I’ve been trying for months to lose my LAST 10 lbs, but with work, and 4 kids being home during the summer, I have a tough time making it to the gym. Hopefully with this 40 days FIT, it’ll keep me motivated. Usually, motivation and an extra push will help me out! Tomorrow will be day 2 for me and hopefully I’ll make it to the gym!

  19. Okay so very excited to start this challenge…I have never been the type to work out. I am not necessarily in it to loose weight, I am 109 lbs. but, I am in it to get healthy. I eat junk all day long…lots of pops and plenty other bad habits. I cannot afford to go to a gym so, what maybe could you recommend for me to do from home besides walking. Hoping to finish this 40 days and feel like a whole new person!!!!! Thank you for making this available!!!


  20. I’m excited to join this! I’ve been doing something called Transformation and had great success – I’m in better shape than ever, but always looking to get new forms of motivation and to help others! πŸ™‚

  21. You are going to ROCK the next 10 weeks of your pregnancy!! hang in there, your precious baby will be here soon!!

  22. it’s all about being healthy and staying YOUNG!! Get yourself a set of DB’s and you can do TONS of exercises at home πŸ™‚

  23. It’s hard to counteract all that sitting isn’t it~ I’ve spent more time behind the computer the last 2 years and I can tell. Strive to take breaks as often as possible and stay active in you off times

  24. Just signed on – loved reading all the comments. I’m in the same boat as some. Good luck to all. It’s never too late.

  25. I am 30 weeks pregnant, but I am always interested in motivation to stay healthy! Any new tidbits I learn I will be putting to use after ‘the delivery’!

  26. I was so excited to see this invite in my in box…This will be so helpful since our office started the weight loss challenge….I will share your tips with my team….TY =0)

  27. Good to read blogs from others trying to stay in shape.
    It is harder the older you get, but is so worth it for you and your family.
    Keep us motivated!

  28. Hey guys!! It’s Fergie! It’s been way to long! I miss you all and I’m ready to take the challenge with you ladies again. You are all incredible, especially you Michelle! Good luck guys!


  29. I like the idea of focusing on one goal a week Michelle. After reading information on your site Michelle I will be focusing on getting adequate protein. Now I know I will require the body weight I desire in protein each day if I want a great body. Thanks for the info.

  30. Hi Michelle. I did not know I could take the challenge again, but I actually started today with renewed determination. I did leg day today on your workout schedule. I had been doing your program back in the spring for a while and had exellent results, so now I am on it again. This time I am hopeing for even better results.

    Lora Carter from
    New Brunswick, Canada

  31. I just read your book and the abs after baby book. I also got your buffing and boosting supplements. However, I had my 5th baby 8 months ago. I can’t find information regarding whether or not I can take these supplements while nursing. Furthermore, I can’t find information on how to figure out where you are in your cycle if you’ve had a baby — and your cycle hasn’t returned.
    Looking forward to starting the challenge again. Being out of town a lot this summer caused me to only complete it 2/3 of the way. I’m ready to go again.

  32. I am nervous! I used to be so fit naturally because of my fast metabolism. The second I started birth control when I got engaged, that all ended. I gained 15 lbs in 2 months! Then, I got off of it, lost the weight, but it all came back so fast! Now I have NO CLUE what my body is doing. I had a baby 2 years ago, and now I’ve been through 2 miscarriages in the last year. One was just a few short weeks ago and I decided to try this while also preparing to run for the Mrs. United States pageant in my state. This will be good. If anything, it will make me healthier for when I actually DO get blessed with another baby. Thanks! This is wonderful!

  33. well you know first hand from your birth control experience how much HORMONES control you! Cool aspirations for MRS. USA!! I have several clients who are in that pageant system!!

  34. Hi Tacie! Well It’s really up to you on taking the supplements while nursing. There is nothing “radical” in them but I’d suggest checking with your doctor to be sure.
    As for your buffing and boosting phases, the rule is when in doubt start with 2 weeks of buffing, follow that with 2 weeks of boosting and then repeat. Once you get your cycle you can “hook up” your hormones and you will accelerate your results!!

  35. I just joined up again earlier today!! I didn’t even realize it was 40 days to the end of the SSS! I so appreciate your daily e-mails. I would join up in the Rally Room but money is so tight lately πŸ™ plus I get so motivated from everyone’s comments πŸ™‚

  36. I’m excited about getting started…I just had my fourth baby 4 months ago and I really want to get my body back but also tone up. I’m setting goals for myself. I’m also a stay at home working mom and need to get into some routine. I read your story Michelle and I can relate to you. You also said you use to be skinny fat and that is how I feel…I need to tone up! So I’m excited about getting started!

  37. OK. I am really late even for the 40 day but I would love the challenge and the motivation will do me well. My personal fitness goal will be for February but I figure it won’t hurt to do a short term one along with it (feb seems sooo far away – and my body even further)

    πŸ™‚ Tammy

  38. Hi my first day here and need guidence! I just started at the gym 2 days ago and plan to work out full body every other day.I start with 15 mnts on bike and plan to increase to 30 mnts. Then do 2 sets of 12 reps on circuit. I have a 100 lbs to loose and need to know if its true that if I work out at this heavy weight that I will become too buff. What do you think? Any suggestions?

  39. I just signed up for your 40 Days to FIT program and I’m so excited! I gave birth to our youngest son one month ago, and I am so ready to get back into shape! My husband and I are both former Marines, so staying fit was once a part of our lives. We’ve gotten out of the habit of exercising and eating right. That, combined with the most recent pregnancy, has left me with a body that I hate! Can’t wait to get started; this looks so motivational!

  40. I just signed up for the 40 day program and will be buying your book next week. My question is on your site it doesn’t list ingredients for your supplements can you please let me know. I also am hypothyroid after the birth of my 4th child and I am hoping this plan works! I’ve tried everything!


  41. I just started the 40 days to FIT…hoping this will be the motivation I need to get BACK to a buff state and LOSE the 13lbs I have put on in nursing school!

  42. I just signed up for 40 days to fit, am hoping to fit in a particular pair of pants (size 6) by May 16th. I am currently a size 10 — think that’s possible? I’m a stay-at-home mom and let myself go waaay down hill after suffering post partum depression. I need a good 30 lb. weight loss… then I’ll work on the additional 10! Ugh!

  43. Hi Michele!
    I am excited. I have always worked out-I work out hard- i love squats too! But I always get off track-two kids- ife etc…I think with your inspiration I can really look my best.
    But, i have the worst stretch marks (1 huge kid!)
    Do you think I can still have nice abs?
    Thx, Sherry-Canada-ps-you r awesome!

  44. I am so excited to also be starting the “40 Days to Fit Challenge”. These are the kind of motivations I need to get out of my rut.

  45. workout program prescription is not part of the 40 days to fit….You may be interested in signing up for the SExy in 70 days- it’ll help you in that regard.

    40 days to fit is about teaching you a little bit about fitness each day~ Lots of info that’ll help you stay focused and apply fitness to your life!

  46. I signed up for this and am very excited! How does it go? Am I sent a routine of what to do every day? I am a 23-year-old mom of 2 both by cesarean. I am 5’2″ 125-128 lbs…I want to tighten and get down to 110-115 by July! Any tips?

  47. i admit havent been so focused but i would like you to send me some simple tips on my bulging tummy

  48. Hi, Michelle! I just finished reading your books “Hormonal Timing” and “After Baby Abs” and I am so excited to get started with your program. I am 39 and have really noticed the pounds creeping on the last few years. I am 5’4″ tall and weigh 137 pounds; my goal is to lose 10 pounds, but more importantly to gain muscle and lose fat. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you are having an awesome 4th of July!

  49. Hey! I am super excited and pumped to be starting up! I’m your classic yo-yo dieter and I’m definitely done with that. Good luck everyone!!

  50. I am huge on being consistent and doing the little things so that fitness becomes a lifestyle not a fad…you can do this Coni!!

  51. Dear Michelle,
    I’ve been eating “Clean” for about two weeks now, running five days a week and lifting four days a week and still at 120 lbs. My clothes fit better and my husband noticed how I”m looking better, but why hasn’t the scale moved from 120? I’m 5 feet and want to go down to 105 by January or sooner.
    Looking forward to this 40 day journey. WIll post fotos next month and compare to the ones taken last month.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging site,

  52. Hi Michelle! I found you on facebook this morning then followed to your website, I am so excited to find this! I have been working out for a long time, weight and cardio training, but recently rededicated myself and refocused after having my son 18 months ago. I am on the road to my “best body ever!” I feel your motivation and website will help me to achieve my goals! Thank you!

  53. Hey Michelle Sorry if I have signed up for the 40 days to fit challenge multiple times. I signed up over 20 days ago and began the challenge. I went on vacation and could not comment on the daily emails we received. After 3 days of not commenting I no longer received them. I guess that must mean I failed the program. However Im determined to complete it so today I signed up again. My computer was acting up so I may have signed up twice today. Sorry. However Im very determined and excited about completing this. After I want to do your other contest. Thanks for being so motivating.

  54. hey, no problem…if you didn’t get the emails after 20 days it was not your fault- it’s my system that’s at fault. Be sure to let me know if it happens again.

  55. Thanks for responding Michelle. I’d like to say again I’m very excited about doing the 40 days to fit to keep me focused. Im hoping you will have another contest like the SSS that I can start with you and finish. However like I said I signed up for the 40 days a second time when I stopped getting emails. It told me my first day would be 4/6/11. So I waited yesterday, no emails. I checked my junk mail everything nothing from buffmother??? Any ideas?

  56. Hi. I signed up for the sizzling in 6, and lets just say “life” got in the way before I could get started. “Life” is always my excuse for being inconsistent in my workouts. I realize that it’s not life getting in the way…it’s me!! So, I’m looking forward to this 40 days, I really need the accountability right now to see that I can do it πŸ™‚ I even have a workout buddy, and it’s helping, but excuses still work for me sometimes. Like, how about right now…..I was supposed to meet friend @ gym, and my daughter slept in….so that was todays excuse. Now I’m here looking for motivation? Dugh! Also, interested in the hormone stuff..because that too has been a great excuse for me. MOODS! Thanks for the challenge, I’ll start with today, and get myself to the gym this afternoon πŸ™‚

  57. Way to be honest with yourself. Dig deep and don’t allow yourself to make excuses! You can do it!!
    p.s. the key to my motivation is to encourage others πŸ™‚

  58. Muscles hold more water than fat does so the scale may not show your FAT LOSS.
    You are doing everything right, but a couple key factors that come into play when trying to LOSE weight are caloric deficit and allowing your body to burn fat for fuel. if you are constantly feeding it, even clean foods it will choose the easiest form of energy- carbs! you may need to cut your carbs and calories for a bit in order to see the scale go down πŸ™‚

  59. Hi Leslie!! I have a feeling 2012 is going to be the year that your reclaim the real you. It’ll be fun to get to know you over the next 40 days!! God Bless!!

  60. If you can read your email, you can stick to this challenge– just be sure to stay engaged!! it’ll be fun!!

  61. Okay! I joined! Eeeek!! The holidays have totally thrown me off. I haven’t worked out since the Tue. before Thanksgiving. I’m disappointed I let all my hard work go. I love workingout, but I guess I’m letting life overwhelm me sometimes. I want to do this! Thanks for this fun way to get fit!

  62. I just signed up. I have lost 17lbs since October first. Im on journey but I don’t know the destination just yet. Im just enjoying the ride. πŸ™‚

  63. Hi,
    I’m a mom of 5, ready to join. I let myself go for ten plus years. I’ve lost 40 lbs, but still have 20 lbs to go. I have done most of it through diet. I have always enjoyed sports (even at a heavy weight), but I can’t tell you how much more fun I have being able to move the way my brain wants to! I can’t wait to get in better and better shape. I use to lift 13 yrs ago in college, and I am starting to get back into it. I’m falling in love with it again. I’m a little lost on being organized and knowing what muscle groups to exercise and how long to rest. Also a little lost on diet – how much protein/carbs do I need while lifting and doing HIIT routines also. I need a change – I am a month into it and I’m not seeing the results I thought I would as far as shedding fat and gaining muscle. I must be doing something wrong! You are an awesome inspiration. I’m glad to have you on my side to help me be the best me! Thanks!

  64. I need this challenge so bad right now. We just laid my father in law to rest yesterday. It has been a really tough week. I haven’t worked out at all and eating has been terrible. I have lost 5 pounds but not in a good way. I am thankful to have this challenge starting now to get my butt back into gear.

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