Hello Hotties!

Hello my HOT friends!

I have been doing great on journaling in my “book” and even spending time here, but I’ve missed “blogging” about my workouts for the week. Here is a quick summary:
M- chest/tri and intervals-
Tue- legs…my back was a bit better than last leg workout but still had to modify the workout a lot. I am hoping that in 1 more week I’ll be able to do more lifts pain free. I did do a lot of knee extensions and abs in my workout and my quads are sore!! YAY!!!

Wed- back, sh, biceps
Here are the exercises we did:
lat pulls
hammer strength lat rows
pull ups
seated rows
shoulder press
sh lateral flys/front raises/ upright rows
bicep machine
cable bicep curls
knee ups- some on bench and some on roman chair

AND I was bad and skipped intervals…I was planning to do them at home, but Tia threw up at school and that threw me off track–BAD GIRL!! I’ll have to try to make up for them some other day this week…maybe today??
I am up in the air about today’s workout, Tia is home sick so I may just do cardio here at home today and shift my lifting workout to tomorrow.

Last night was fun, we watched the UFC fight night and the premier of TUF.
I just love cage fighting.

well ladies, focus on stayin HOT today and try to get even HOTTER!! That’s my plan!

Now for some COFFEE!!!



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