Reflection leads to Rejuvination

Well….so far my POA is not happening this week~ I BUT that is JUST fine! I know that typically my POA’s don’t work. This crazy ICE Storm is keeping me home bound with 4 kids~ YIKES…actually it’s not been bad at all. We’ve watched several movies: Dust Factory, Kit Kittridge, Leatherheads, Barbie’s Christmas Carol and soon we’ll be putting in Martian Child and Fireproof.

With all this “homebound” time on my hands I’ve had the chance to reflect a bit. Reflection leads to Rejuvenation in my determination to reach and stretch towards new goals. Each time I reflect on how blessed I’ve been in life, it STOKES the a fire that God has placed in me to continually RESOLVE to be a better person, to conquer new challenge, to learn new things and to love others.

That’s the spirit, drive and passion that leads me to make New Year’s Resolutions each year. To me they are more than “wishes”, they are goals and focus points that will shape my entire year and years to come.

My 2009 Resolutions revolve around 3 main skills I aspire to attain: 1- to LOVE; 2- to DECIDE; 3- to DELEGATE

To love is the greatest commandment…my mission from God is to become Christ-Like. That’s what “Christian” means…to be like Jesus! And if GOD is LOVE~ that makes JESUS= LOVE too… so I need to LOVE! Each year I try to remind myself of this goal/aspiration to walk in LOVE with EVERYONE. Being a light in the darkness, leading by example and simply LOVING others in all I do! Loving is a SKILL…it has to be developed, honed and constantly utilized to stay sharp and effective. In striving to love others, I need to first fill up my love tank with GOD’s love! I MUST learn to take time each day to build my relationship with God! From there I’ll have the perspective and strength to love others in my life. My husband Travis and my Kids need my LOVE…they need to know I love them more than my work and more than any other people in my life! They need my time and attention~ so that they know they are LOVED! I also need to love myself…investing in myself is key for me to have the energy and desire to love others. Without my me time, I lose myself and I lose my ZEST and Passion to love others. Investing in myself and in others is key to my LOVE SKILL!

I have a fault…I have a hard time being decisive about things. I hate shopping because it’s soooo hard for me to DECIDE between these shoes or those?? My DH and I are so much alike in this area that we’ve had a hard time planning vacations, dates, what to spend our money on, etc…Alot of the time we end up frustrated, and bored because we can’t decide and end up doing NOTHING, LOL! WELL, my goal this year is to build up my “Decision SKILL”…I need to tap into my true feelings about the item in question and DECIDE to take the action I want to take at that moment vs. wondering what if this or that?? or worrying about what someone else thinks about my decision, or worried that if I say no I’ll never have the chance to say YES in the future, etc…. Simple decisions like: what to eat or cook, when to workout, what to watch, what to throw away, etc…is where I’ll start. Then once I get good at deciding on the small things then I can tackle some big questions like: where to live, what do I want to be when I “grow up” (hehe), what kind of house do I want, etc….
Being decisive about my attitudes and actions will help me enjoy the journey towards reaching my goals. The decision to have fun, stay positive, not complain, to be “sexy”, to take risks, etc…all help when striving to make the BEST of life! Because as we all know, life is HARD for everyone…but how you react to the adversity in life is what separates the winners from the losers. I have decided to be a WINNER!!

Part of why I want to learn to decide on things is so that I can then DELEGATE to others the operational things that need to be accomplished to get things done. I like to be in control; I am very independent and that means I have a hard time asking for “help” and also a hard time letting others do my work. I need to learn the SKILL of delegation. My kids are getting to the age where they contribute in a BIG way towards the household Chores. That’s where I’d like to start….I need to delegate chores to them. From there, I’d like to hire other “help” to do some of my work. A personal assistant would be GREAT! Delegation is an highly tuned SKILL that my husband possesses; he is the BEST at it. And you know what they say in order to be the BEST you should LEARN FROM THE BEST! So that’s my plan~ to observe and learn from the best!

I am going to focus hard on honing these 3 skills over the next year, along with keeping my priorities intact. I have so many amazing things to be excited about this year… and along the way, I just want to be able to savor and enjoy every aspect of my Blessings and help others learn to do the same!!

Let’s RESOLVE to make “2009 our time to shine!!”~
Love Your freind,
Michelle, aka BuffMother!



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