Checkin' In

HI girlies!!
Just wanted to check in with my BUDDIES!! I have had a GREAT week and really am feeling so blessed every second of the day. God has really shown up BIG TIME for me this week~ as HE always has for me in the past! I feel so loved by my LORD!!! Shooting our exercise DVD’s has really been a ton of hard work, but really fun at the same time! I can’t wait for all of you to see the finish product and infomercial.
Even though things are going great…I am so FRIED!!!~ we wrapped up our first day of shooting this afternoon and WOW!!! I have not worked out this much EVER. 5 hours yesterday and today at least 6 hours!
We have 1 more long day of shooting then I will take SUNDAY totally OFF!! I can’t wait to wrap on shooting these DVD’s~
I’ll be back with all of you full force on MONDAY! Have a GREAT weekend~
Love ya,



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