Naughty or NICE? November
My theme for the month is have I been “Naughty or NICE” today?
I have to say I was pretty nice today…I spent quite some time doing several nice things for others today~
#1- My son wanted to bring his Football Championship medal to school today…he looked all over for it, but to no avail..I found it for him and then he lost it again prior to getting to school; He was VERY SAD! 🙁  When I pulled into the garage- I found it on the floor of the garage.  SO guess what I did?  the NICE thing: drove back to school and brought it to him :)
#2- I poured some quality time into several of my friends lives…that’s always nice!
#3- I read several books to my DD’s
#4- I was nice to myself and got in my workout late– I got started at about 9:15 tonight.

So…today I was nice, so SANTA can put me on his good girl list- whoohoo!!

Here is a quick run down of my workout:
Warm up- r-bike 11mins!! this is my first real warm up in about 8 weeks!! YAY!

Lower back extensions paired with assisted pull ups – 3 sets
Lat pulls paired with bicep curls- 3 sets
Leg extensions paired with bicep curls – 2 sets
Shoulder press paired with knee ups on roman chair- 3 sets
Seated rows paired with situps/oblique twist at end- 2 sets

That was it!
Now I am off to bed~
Hope you had a NICE day!



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