Super Organization Day!
Happy Thursday to ya’ll!! I have had a very productive day once again~ got lots of bills and paper work done, plus I caught up with my BuffMother! TEAM members!!  It seems, You all are having a GREAT week too!!!

Yesterday I got in a really good back, sh, bicep workout~ my pipes are looking pretty shapely these days, lol!  I also finished up a couple leg exercises that I missed the night before– Then this morning first thing I got my 2nd synvisc shot in my knee.  My doctor is really nice and he shared his recent weight loss success story with me!  I love hearing success stories~ it fires me up to keep helping others get theirs!  Anyhoo….since I got my shot I really couldn’t get a workout in today~

Tomorrow, we are heading out on a day trip to Tulsa and the ZOO!!  the kids are very excited and so am I!!! I LOVE the Zoo!
when I was a kid,  in Aurora, CO, my Mom would be sure to bring us to the Zoo, the Amusement park and the Museum at least once during the summer…so I have a ton of fun zoo memories.  I want my kids to have some of those same type of fun memories.I do hope to do a small chest workout something tomorrow am before we head out to Tusla…and I’m sure we’ll walk a lot tomorrow.

In other thoughts and news….I been thinking and reading a lot of the posts about being sexy.  I really enjoyed both Julie’s and Crystals posts~ they are both very sexy and confident women!  I love learning more about feeling sexy and being confident…it’s amazing how often times just that little extra effort can make a HUGE impact in our lives.

I read an interesting article about nanotechnology ~ interesting stuff!  It is amazing how advanced science is becoming and how new technology can be good and bad.  The article’s main focus was about that fact that some nano-tech items could be very dangerous to our health because they are so small that they can pass cell membranes and cross the blood/brain barrier.  Definitely something to be aware of until testing has been done~ here is a website about NANOTECHNOLOGY

Well I am off to feed the troops,
Have a good night!!



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