I’ve been building my GUNS~

Hey all!!
I hope everyone had a GREAT restful weekend~ I had a good one!  DH and I were able to go on a date Friday night, then Saturday my son GUNZ had another football game…they won again 24-0!!!!  Then yesterday we finally made it to church again after a few weeks away.  I love the results of going to church, it’s just the getting there, sitting there, going home and making lunch afterward part that keeps me from faithfully attending.

Over the past month I’ve been building my GUNS- lol! My arms including my biceps a bit more so I thought I’d share my favorite bicep exercise with you– Pose down Cable Bicep curls :

Here is my poa for the week:
m- upper body
t- legs
sat- mish/mosh of upper body

daily: splits stretching, abs, low carbs (2 daily is the goal), take end of buffing(starting six2sexy pictures/stats in a couple days, take supplements!!
other: no cardio yet…I may try some next week if my knee stays like this, MRI should happen this week on my knee, knee is doing great with lifting on legs

And I wanted to mention here that I’ll be posting in a bit about the new contest we are starting NEXT MONDAY!! the Six2Sexy contest– It’ll run for 6 weeks.  WE are going to be so SEXY when it’s done!

Let’s have a STELLAR week!!!



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