On-AIR October!!

Hey Ladies!!!
If you know me at all you will know that I LOVE the beginning of each month– It always feels like a new start for me- a new time to focus- a new birth, etc…
So…I loved yesterday!  October 1st– OH My!! how time has flown by this year~ It has been a whirl!!  My THEME for this month will be ON-AIR October– meaning that I’ll be blogging something that is On-AIR: a video clip, a podcast, songs, etc…
It will be a fun theme and I encourage you to do the same…if you find a good video or podcast or song- you can embed the coding into your blog or simply post the link, let’s make October ON-Air!!

Since I didn’t blog yesterday- let me recap quickly how AMAZING my son did at his game on Tuesday night….HE ROCKED it!!
He drove the ball with his up the gut running attack capped off by a rushing touchdown, converted a 2 point conversion with a catch, threw an awesome pass completion, made an amazing block that freed the running back to score a touchdown and he even made a HUGE SACK!  Their team won 32-0!!!  :cheer:
I was and am a very proud Momma!!!
Then yesterday I took my little 6 year daughter old for a “date”– we went grocery shopping, then had salad and pizza, then got our very first pedicures and finished off the date with a trip to Krispy Cream for a dozen doughnuts.  Needless to say- I had a BIG cheat day yesterday, lol!!  I weigh 3 pounds extra today because of it  :snicker:  It was EXTREMELY worth it though– GG and I had a BLAST and made some GREAT memories.

Today I go to the doctor for my knee appt.- I expect that he will order an MRI on it, so we can see what’s happening in there…as I’ve mentioned before I had my knee scoped in 1997 and they found degeneration (I was only 21 at the time)…anyhow, I am so happy that I’ve been able to be as active as I’ve been these past 5 years with my “bad knee”…one of my proudest accomplishments was training for and WINNING a college track race after almost 11 years away from the track– Here is the address for that video:



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