Prepared to SUCCEED!!

I am prepared to succeed, do you know why?  Because I have a strong WHY!!

   My mission (my “WHY”) is to do everything in my power to create a positive legacy for my family.  I truly hope you have made the decision to join me on this mission!  If so, congratulations!  There are thousands of us Team BuffMother! members from all over the world, who have joined me on this mission and are committed to creating a positive legacy for our own families!!!

  However, I need to let you in on a little secret… None of us are even close to perfect!  We all go through occasional slumps filled with bad choices.  However, we are all very well educated in a very powerful law.  The law that I’m referring to is the law of BuffMother Momentum=BUFFMOJO.. It’s a little corny but you’ll never forget it! You need to be an expert in this law.  The reason this law is so important is because it can be applied to every concept in your life~ 

That’s why contest, challenge and goals like the Buff Bikini Bod are so important~ they help use keep our BuffMOJO towards our WHY!   Reaching little goals daily (the little things) help us keep on track to created a LEGACY of health and fitness on that will be passed from generation to generation!!  Every little thing you do adds up!

You will succeed if you keep your BuffMojo towards a strong WHY!!!

So today, I’ve spent much of the day preparing for success….I am so focused that it’s crazy!!  I want more than anything in the world to leave behind a legacy that will be revered for generations to come!!

One part of my day was a great chest workout:
walk around block (warm up)

perfect push ups (through out workout)
20, 20, 17, 12

chair dips
2 sets of 15


bicep curls (preacher machine)

Incline Flys

Standing Tricep extensions

side lunges

Stationary lungs with 35# on back
20 each legx2 sets  (totaling 100 for today)

Bowflex flys
50 each side x10×3
one set bowflex tri extensions

Tricep kick backs

Now I am off to Keep my BuffMojo flowin’~
Let’s Do it!!!



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