Lots Done!!

I got LOTS DONE today~ oh it is so nice the the world is operating normally again smile
For New Years Eve we all spent the night at my SIL’s house just like we did on Christmas Eve. It was GREAT! And then my 2 older kids stayed and spent the night last night there again!!! Finally today at about 3:30 their uncle brought them home. It was amazingly easy to have only 2 kids to care for yesterday and NONE today until 3:30!!! I was all alone in my house and free to get LOTS DONE!!! AND I did!

Anyhow, I did a mini workout tonight of
100 perfect push ups (7 sets total)
and 5 sets of the ab wheeel about 10 reps each

It was perfect to get my MOJO going~ and tomorrow I will hit the gym! For LEGS (BUTT)

Well, I am off to bed here soon, but thought I’d get a good post in for today!
I can’t believe tomorrow is THURSDAY already-




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