Back, Sh, Bi and NO PP!!

Well there is no other way to describe my day up to about 2:30 than as CHAOS!!
All morning and early afternoon, my kids were very wild and needy…all while I was trying to get some work done so that we could go to the Pumkin Patch. I instructed them many times to go OUTSIDE to play to no avail. At about 1 I decided to just GO…so I got ready, all the while telling the kids to get ready to go…
And then I noticed that the house was an enormous disaster…this after It was 100% clean just yesterday.
So…the punishment for my naughty kids was cleaning the mess up…and going to the GYM instead of the pumpkin patch.

Here is my workout:
warm up on bike 12 mins

lat pulls
110×10 then one set of assisted pull ups- about 10 negatives with 60 assist
150×6 too soon after the pull ups
ab roller in between
25 reps x3 sets’

Seated rows
knee ups between sets (1 set on bench, 2 sets on roman chair)

Behind the neck lat pull (hammer machine)

a hammer lat raise machine

hammer bicep curls
45x15x3 (short rom)

cable bicep curls

bent over rear lat raises
12’sx8 to 10 x 3sets

wide grip high cable lat pulls on knees
50×4 together, 10 each side, 3 together
60×3 together, 8 each side, 2 together x 2sets

r-bike for 18 min steady

Then off to the MOMMY races…piano, FB, home supper prep- post blog, back to FB.

See ya later babes!



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