Late post

I was hoping to post this early this morning, but LIFE took over and now about 17 hours later, I am posting~
I found peace today having lunch with my friend Emily…she is so cool! I am happy to call her a friend.

My goal today was to get in a good workout, but guess what…it didn’t happen~ Oh well!

So here is my NEW POA for the week:

T- buffing begins…normally I’d take pics, but I’ll wait until later in the week so they can be my official Holiday Hottie starting pics!! I am so pumped for this contest- yehaw!!
workout- LEGS! at the gym
W-Run outside…some sprints smile
Th- Upper body home workout and punch BOB cardio!!
F-Legs somewhere, lol!
S- run again…I’d love to do some sprints again, but I really need new shoes~ so if they are here by then I’ll do them
Sun- off as usual–Mentally prep for Holiday Hottie contest

I am wearing my jeans today…and they are quite comfy for just post a bad girl boost, lol. But I am sure I’ve lost leg muscle AGAIN! So that’s my goal for the week to PUMP them UP again, lol!

Okie dokie~ off to buy me some new Nike R4 shox!!
Love ya,



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