I have butterflies!!

RUN~!Oh my!!! I am already nervous for my track meet and it is only Tuesday.
By Friday I will be dying if this keeps up!

I probably need to write out a bit about why this is such an emotional journey for me… here is the short version:
Well you see, I was a runner, who got injured and was told by several specialists that I’d never be able to run competitively again. That news killed a part of me. I eventually had surgery on my knee…rehabbed, but still couldn’t run- for an entire 2 years I couldn’t run~ finally I started slowly back, and got to the point to where I was running about 2-3 miles every 3rd day on a consistent basis for about a month. Then one day I ran closer to 5 miles in one stint which totally messed up my knee and I couldn’t run again for another year and then got pregnant (I couldn’t run then either).

After, I had my son, I started very cautiously running again (never more than 3 miles and never more than every 3rd day), and it was good. I never ran much more than that until after I had my second child. When she was just 2 months old I started running and decided I’d run the Race for the CURE 5K in Fayetteville– I felt good and was able to train quite well for it still never more than 3 miles at a time (interval style though) and my knee was finally strong enough to run every other day!! I actually WON the race in my division~ I ran and won one other race that season.
Right after that, I was preggers with the twins!
After having my twins, my focus changed toward GETTING BUFF!! and I had times when my knee would cooperate and I could run and other times when I couldn’t run. I rebuilt my legs, hips and calves all which aided in my running. Over the last couple years I have been able to run consistently, faster and harder than I ever thought was possible.

Last fall I finally decided that I needed to have closure about running track and got my booty back to the track. That was a triumphant day to step on the track for the first time in 10 years.
Being able to run this race on Friday shows me that our bodies are amazing and pushing through adversity and pain is part of what makes us stronger. You can live your dreams, just KEEP BELIEVING and don’t make EXCUSES!!

Thanks for all your encouragement along the way! I wouldn’t be here without all of you!!



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