A gym workout~

I did a workout~ at the gym, lol!
I feel like I am a stranger at the gym these days…I used to be there almost every day of the week. Now with doing track and at home workouts, I am only there 2-3 times a week. I not sure if I miss being there or not???

Life is all about SEASONS~
-I am in a season of new growth/realization of dreams in my business life
-I am in a season of enjoyment in my family life- I love my DH and that my KIDS are getting more independent
-I am in a season of closure in my fitness life- I “have to” get closure to track in my life, thus I am running this 800m
-I am in a season of rebirth in my spiritual life…I feel more and more the presence of God in my life and want to share that LOVE with others

Last year at this time the season I was in was entirely different….Good but different.

Enjoy the season you are in! and work toward being successful in the season to come…NEW seasons always come.

Here is my workout today:
warm up r-bike 10min
chest press (warm up)


*the following right after
bench dips to failurex3sets
knee ups fast 20front, 10each sidex3sets

Lat pulls (plate loaded cybex)

rotary calf between lat pulls 135×15-20x3sets

t-bar rows
bicep curls
40×5 too light

shoulder rotations- prehab

that was it!
tanned later also 🙂

tomorrow is track day again~


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  1. Thank you Michelle!!! I am not a mother and given at the tender age of 41 have hit menopause, it’s likely I’m not going to give birth, but your site has inspired me! I have 15lbs I want to lose and I’ve been doing a bunch of cardio… 3-5 mile brisk walking 4-5 times a week and have seen NO change! So I got my Total Gym back out. You have confirmed for me that the Total Gym and using weights is what I need to do! Add to that the validation that you are a Christian woman, cemented it! God is good all the time. Have a blessed Easter and thank you again.

    God bless you,

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