IT is Working!!

Good evening my Darlings,
I am please to announce “IT is working!”
It being my track training~ I had a super successful track workout this afternoon and it made my bad mood turn GREAT!

the Lowdown:
Warm up 800m jog  and stretch
all done with full recovery–varied from 4-8 mins between
sprint 200= 29sec
400=67! and I was not dead~ 2 weeks ago 2 400’s at a much slower pace almost killed me~ I am very HAPPY!!

The track experience (with 4 kids in tow) was not without entertainment:
First when we got there a Father with 3 young boys (ages 5-7) was timing them running 50 meter dashes and 400m runs.  As I finished my first 200 I realized it was a friend of my husbands– THE cage fighting friend we saw fight in Tulsa last November (Brent Smith)– in which he had broke his nose…I had not seen the man since then and had only ran into him once before in Wal-Mart while shopping.  Anyhow, I said “Brent??” and he stood up and I introduced myself as Michelle Berger– Travis Berger’s wife…and then the chat was on–we chatted about his nose, where he was now training, our kids, and then TIA my little observant one–pointed out that he had purple toe nails (they were quite nicely painted Purple, lol!)

…and then got interrupted by 2 little twins needs to go potty–So we grabbed some Kleenex and headed to the bathroom which was conveniently locked– so they had a good laugh peeing on the ground outside of the locked public potty.

Then on 400 #2- Layla almost got plowed– as I was “coming home” she decided to run right in front of me– I screamed “MOVE”! –poor thing, she was so excited to see me but didn’t understand I was going so fast!

Then as I was ending my cool down I saw Gunner throw something- and then TIA start screaming holding her head–well he “accidentally” hit her in the head with a rock–
So, he had to sit in the van while the rest of us played in the park for a bit before we went home.

In other happenings, I got my make up done today, bought a couple more shoes, got my other package of stuff from VS–so I am closer to READY for NYC!!

Well since it is Friday Night, I need to go relax a bit now~



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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Trying to catch you every which way I know how! When are you coming to NYC?? Will you be here for an event? My heart would ache if I knew I’d missed an opportunity to meet you in person. I missed you in the Rally Room by three minutes!!
    It took me a while to get back on line, but I’m back! 🙂
    Miss you
    Liz in Jersey

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