9 days to go ’till I find out if I’ve been GOOD, lol!

Well I am up early today for some weird reason. I am not a morning person, but my daughter woke me up at 6:30 and I couldn’t fall back to sleep–which is so NOT like me! I wish every morning I had this much energy and spunk to get the day started~~ :woohoo:

Alrighty- I am here to write down my POA for today!
I have so much to get done, so I need to figure out what is the most important things to choose to do and what is feasible with 4 kids in tow~ Travis is still in LA…so I am on my own today.

Here is the list:
Send out a BuffMother Shirt order
Box up and Mail Secret Santa gift
fold Christmas letter
Stuff Christmas Cards
Stamp Christmas Cards
LIck Christmas Cards–oh icky!, I’ll get the kids to do this, hee, hee
Clean Gunner’s room an closet
Clean out van and detail the inside
Get outside and enjoy the weather
Get my workout done-back, bi’s, shoulders, intervals, tan

Shave my legs–this is 2 weeks over due
Put on some self tanner so I am HOT for DH when he gets back from seeing all the hotties in LA, lol
Clean my house–this could seriously take me the entire day, but I need to just do enough so that on MONDAY when my little neighbor girl helper comes over, I have set JOBS for her.
Do Laundry~ ack! I have not done a load since mon or tues–what a mess!
Go Shopping for Grocieries and Christmas presents

Okay, that didn’t help one bit! Now I really don’t know what to do?

Well the kids just got up~ so I am off to figure this out!

Have a super dooper productive day~

My workout today:
I got to the gym later than I wanted and only had an hour to workout–since I’ve been a slacker about running I decided to do it first today!

SO I ran intervals on the treddy for 20 mins, all done at a 2% incline:
warm up for 4 mins then 1 min hard at 10mph/1 min easy at 8mph and one of my hard intervals I went for 2 mins 🙂
Then my lifting was short and sweet:

One set inverted pull ups to warm up
2 sets pull ups 10, 5+5 with 20#assit
paried with 2 sets standing military 45×10, 65×10

2 sets bicep curls 45# bar x15 reps
paired with 2 sets arnold’s one are at a time 20’sx10

2 sets hammer curls 20’sx6,9 really focusing on shoulders
paired with 2 sets bent over lateral raises 15’x x10

one set shoulder rehab rotaters 10#x10

Then I was gonna tan but the beds were 100degrees and I was already hot, so I skipped it.

Now I am working on my list~ off to shave!!



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  1. Is it possible to make the photos larger? The shoes are barely visible,much less the fuzzy legs!

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