The ZOO and lunges

My day was consumed by rest, housework, a trip to the ZOO and yes my 100 lunges…

I was bummed when we got to the Zoo…I forgot the camera! Oh well, that’s the way it goes…the kids loved it and it was a good day.

I am GEARED up for this week and looking forward to what God has in store Smiling

Here is the plan (buffing, maintain muscle, rehab/rest shoulder/back):
Monday- Legs
Tuesday- Intervals and lunges
Wednesday- upper body, lunges and intervals
Thursday- legs
Friday- intervals and lunges
Saturday- intervals and lunges and maybe some upper body
Sunday- off

Then the next week, start lifting a bit more with my upper body again. By then my shoulder should be in great shape.

What is your plan for the week?



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