Super Leg day !!

Hi ya everyone,
I am 2 months away from my contest and I am SO EXCITED.

I ordered my suits today and I sent in my entry! I am committed!!!

So with the excitement of my contest to stoke my workout fire I had a great day workout wise!!
Workout time NOON
warm up with 10 min of intervals on the r-bike-killer butt bike
Squats paired with calf press

Calf machine (free motion)

Smith Squats paired with smith lunges
10 reps at each weight

Dead lifts paired with sidey lying leg lifts
115x10x2sets narrow
115x10x2sets wide
15 leg lifts each side 4sets

Leg extensions paired with seated leg curls

leg curls

Then after lunch I went grocery shopping, ran errands came home and ran 3miles hard.

Tomorrow is Chest/Tri day πŸ™‚

Please take a look at my new feature page on CRITICAL BENCH!

Thanks MIKE!




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  1. Hi Michelle!

    I’m a member of your website and have been following you since your startup. You are my inspiration!

    I’m curious: How many calories, typically, do you consume? I know that you state that you should eat the # of g of protein for your desired weight, but I’m trying to figure out the remaining balance, calorie-wise.
    I have hypothyroidism and have discovered that I need fewer calories than the typical woman in order to kickstart weight loss.
    I’m currently doing:
    M – 1 hour walk, legs
    T – 1 hour pilates, 30 minute intervals
    W – 1 hour walk, chest
    TH – 1 hour pilates, bis & tris, 30 minute intervals
    F – 1 hour walk, back & shoulders, 30 minute intervals
    Sa – steady state (3-4 mi) run

  2. Melissa,
    HI! For calories, my intake rages from 1500 to 2500 depending on my goals. For Maintenance, I consume right at 2200 cal/day.

    For Weight loss I would suggest a diet in the calorie range osf 1200-1600 cal.

    You seem to be doing a lot of cardio type activities so for your diet I would suggest about equal portions of carbs(35%) and proteins(35%) and then about 30% of your daily calories from fat.

    Keep up the great attitude and Thanks for being part of TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!

  3. Thanks, Michelle!!!

    I’ve been keeping at 1400-1600 for the past couple of weeks, so it looks like I’m right on target!

  4. Actually not…this post is from 2006. I’ve been featuring OLD, Forgotten posts in the 40 days to fit.

    Thanks though!! You should do the show though I am coming up for it~ Deb G. and Brenda H. two of my amazing success stories are competing and we are having a BIG gathering! YOU GOTTA COME!!

  5. be sure that you are keeping up with some leg exercises to keep your knees tracking correctly….we as women because of our hips need to keep our VMO muscles strong. try to do some knee extensions with your toes pointed out a bit at least once a week and that may help your knees feel better!

  6. HI~ i do create my own programs and train myself.
    My notation is backwards from how many people write it…
    135×10 = 135 pounds x 10 reps
    I don’t hardly ever do more than 10 reps on any exercises…and for length of my workouts most days its just about an hour.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! I had no idea you were going to compete again…that’s awesome!! Now you make me think about doing the Bluffs comp in September with the rest of the midwest Buffmomma’s!!!

  8. i did heavy legs yesterday and ran this morning, so reading this post was painful, lol. off to do chest and tris…..

  9. Legs are always good.. but now that I am doing ballet, between the plies and workout there.. if I do a lot more during the week my knees complain… I’m told my legs look better than ever… but I am not doing the same weight bearing (unless you count body weight).

  10. Lisa has me toying with it…I would need to drop about 10 pounds of fat though and then water on top of that…tick tock, time is running short…lol

  11. I’ve started working out at 5 in the morning, and every morning I do a little leg workout, seeing as my hips, butt, and legs are my problem area, so to speak. I do 20 minutes of cardio, then hip abduction, adduction, hamstring curls, leg extension, light weight squats, then 10-25 minutes more cardio.

  12. This morning multitasked. Ran to the Diner for egg sandwiches for dad and son and ran back. They get breakfast (that I don’t have to cook) and I got in my cardio. Legs sore from leg day on Tuesday, but I LOVE the feeling. Michelle, do you really do 200+ pound calf raises? OMG!

  13. Had another great workout today then got some grocery shopping done, hope to play badminton with dh later in the garden.

  14. First day of w/o after being sick…I’m excited even tho I know it will be a light w/o πŸ™‚

  15. Love LOVE LOOOOOVE this blog! Just the kick in the pants we all need! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~ Eva Diva

  16. Go big or go home! lots of abs and legs today…
    Michelle, I just recieved your books and I am so jazzed. My husband even wants to try out some of your ab exercises to add to his workouts.

  17. Great idea. I’ll have to try brushing after dinner. I never really think about it until I’m going to bed.

  18. that is one of the hardest parts for me–but if i brusg my teeth right away i bet it would help…

  19. Good luck with that contest. Did 48 miles today on the bike trail. Heading to the beach for the weekend.

  20. Night time is the hardest time for me. I’m always so good at bfast and lunch, but night is hard. I’ll try brushing my teeth, that’s a great idea!

  21. Brushing my teeth after the evening meal would keep me from mindlessly snacking too – Great idea!

  22. Great idea about brushing your teeth…especially now when food seems to be the only thing on my mind:) LOL

  23. Whew, thank God it’s Friday. Did cardio almost every morning this week but didn’t hit the weights like I wanted. Eats was good too. I look forward to reading your post every day. Thanks!

  24. I am going to have to try the brushing the teeth trick! Eating at night is my worst temptation!

  25. Checking in. No workout yet today. Had to work this morning. Just got home and now have to go to my mother in law’s b-day party. Yay!

  26. Day 18. Interesting about brushing your teeth. I’m gonna have to try that.

  27. I need more than toothpaste to keep me from eating. Have a full weekend and will be hard to stick to good eating

  28. Your leg workouts are insane! Unfortunately, my knee has been hurting me so no squats… πŸ™ I want to keep working my legs hard, but I don’t want to agitate my knee any further…

  29. I always eat right right before I go to bed. Usally a protein shake or sometimes popcorn. If I don’t I usually wake up around 0300 absolutely starving. Something as small as a slice of chedder cheese can curb my midnight hunger pains.

  30. No workout today…just focusing on my two little girls, my messy house and mountain of laundry. Hopefully tomorrow there is a new vigor…..

  31. Rest day today. Went for an hour and half walk with whole family. Obviously not at a very fast pace.

    Thanks, Lora

  32. I’ve been taking it easy for a week……kids sick, that time of the month. But back into it tomorrow. I hope your hard work brings you great rewards, Michelle.

  33. I did interval cardio and weights today! I almost didn’t go to the gym but I was so happy once I got there. πŸ™‚

  34. It would mine today too, lol! It’s all about challenging yourself where you are in YOUR fitness!

  35. Just did legs yesterday – funny how I did the same exerices you did (except smith lunges-i did walking lunges). I changed my smith machine squats up by keeping legs farther away from me to isolate the glutes…oh boy (feeling it today -what a great feeling)! Also did walking lunges as a subset. Did dead lifts, leg extensions and leg curls too. Also did calves. Tri’s as well. Then hopped on spin/road bike for about 20 mins. Normally my legs are sore the second day after, not the first. I will get the legs back I once had…. πŸ™‚

  36. That’s one killer leg workout. Taking it a step further. I saw the “Smith Squats paired with smith lunges” and thought, darn my legs would blast just doing that set alone. Maybe worth trying on my next leg day ‘-)
    Mark Martinez,
    Is the hypergain creatine effect for real?

  37. Wow!! great results so far!! keep rocking! and be sure to submit your success story to me when your done! I’d love to feature your story!!

  38. Hanging in there! I am amazed at how much change I have seen in my body so far. My all time skinny weight was 127 lbs, but I have been looking at pictures from then, and I was skinny fat. I was just doing cardio, and while I was wearing a size 4, I almost feel l look better now. I started this challenge at 148 (eek!). This morning, I weigh 139. I am seeing a lot more definition. I will for sure post a picture before I leave for my Mexico trip, I am already planning how I am going to continue to exercise in Mexico (lots of beach vb, boogie boarding and running on the beach πŸ™‚ ) I hope you are feeling better Michelle and can get back to your fitness regime. I find working out addictive in a good way. At this point, I can’t imagine having to take a week off.

  39. My daughters b day party was last night and I did cheat but don’t worry I burned it off running around!lol Today its Church and then come home and clean clean clean!

  40. Very clever idea with brushing teeth after a meal!
    Love your leg workout! Going to have to try that!

  41. Good tip about brushing teeth after dinner. I am not hungry but I want to eat. Bad habit I picked up. Need to nip it in the bud. Leg day for me as well

  42. I have to remember to eat breakfast before brushing or I can’t eat it. So I totally agree with this trick, and a shiny bonus with pearly whites hmm?!

  43. NICE page on Critical Bench. You ROCK!!!

    Yes! Brushing my teeth after dinner has REALLY helped me avoid snacking in the evening :).

  44. If I ever wanted to eat something in the evening it was around 9 when I sat down to relax. So I started brushing my teeth when I put my son to bed at 8 and then I am not even tempted to eat. It works!

  45. Wow! thats a great leg workout. I didnt get mine in yesterday. I just did a little easy workout in the evening abs core butt pull ups and a few squats with no weights. So I am doing my legs today.

  46. I did legs on Friday. Today my legs are sore but I still got a 7.7 mile rune in. This is another blog I didnt get in my email!!

  47. Your workouts are always inspirational.
    Is it ok to use the weight machines at the gym in place of free weights for arms? And is it ok to use the leg machines instead of lunges? I can’t seem to Master the lunge and i have tennis elbow pretty bad in both Arms so the free weights bother them.
    Also, my weight isn’t going down much. However, I can see a difference in the mirror. I feel lighter, less bloated, less fat… But the scale says I’ve only lost a few lbs. I’m 5’7 and weigh 160. My goal is 145. Will I ever get there if im building muscle ?

  48. I seem to be having the same issues as Melissa- but I’m not really going down in pounds. I feel a difference especially in my motivation- but I can feel my hormones getting the best of me! I’m not eating bad but this has been my issue from the start! I feel great but I don’t think my exterior shell is looking as great as I feel!

  49. Husband and I did your legs program yesterday. He makes a great workout buddy because he is always pushing me harder than I think I can go. However, he is quite sore today after doing the leg workout! Ha!

  50. Bad week end didn’t do much as far as working out just lots of cleaning and laundry, swiching from summer to fall. Pulled a muscle in my lower abs on Friday, even hurts to sneeze πŸ™ hoping to get a good workout in today!

  51. Thanks for the workout ideas, do you also keep supper earlier in the evening, we usually eat around 5:30, I don’t like going to bed feeling full!

  52. In Spain the ordinary time for dinner is 10 p.m. !!! ItΒ΄s almost impossible not to go to bed with full stomach… but, in any case, with well-brushed teeth!! :).

  53. Wow – that’s quite a leg workout…I still have some work to do to get to that level. Today is my usual rest day but I may try to get something in regardless….

  54. Just remember that challenge = change and if you stay consistent you will be very surprised by how strong you can get!

  55. Feeling good…wt is down and not wearing any new year post eating hangovers. Hitting the gym and teaching nia tonight.

  56. So dissapointed in myself the weight I could notice was going is coming back..I am a bad girl..well blue skies ahead..

  57. I’ve started brushing my teeth to avoid eating sweet things… seems to work & I get the added bonus of super clean teeth all the time. If I get a sweet craving I drink some water & then get the tooth brush out. I think my mum would think I’m mad but it works for me.
    Your leg routine is awesome. I wish I had the time to do the same

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