Joyce Meyer

Over the past six years I have been a student of the great teachings of Joyce Meyer. She is so down to earth and real, I feel that God knew what he was doing when he placed her over the great ministry she has today.

I wanted to share some great promises from God that she prompted me to confess on a regular basis:

“I live the abundant life that Jesus died to give me…” John 10:10
” I am blessed to the point that my cup runs over…” Psalm 23:5
“I am the head and not the tail…” Deuteronomy 28:13

And my personal favorite-

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13

Please visit her website for more great teachings

God Bless, Michelle



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  1. Amen girl…Joyce is going to be in my neck of the woods this month, I am trying to see about getting me and hubby there…she is incredible!

  2. Joyce is AWESOME!!! I used to do Cardio every morning and watch her. I went to California and seen her a few years ago. LOVE HER, LOVE HER, LOVE HER!!! Thanks for sharing the scripture BuffMother. The Lord gave me verse 1Tim4:8 and I LOVE IT!! Spiritual Fitness is SO IMPORTANT and if He isn’t FIRST then nothing else matters!

  3. cool that you got to go see her…i’ve always wanted to go, but with young kids extra time away from home is so hard. I expect that as i get older~ i’ll be able to bring my girls with me to a conference~ I guess that’ll depend on if Joyce is still doing them. She’s not exactly YOUNG πŸ˜‰

  4. I will have to check her out. A lot of my friends really love her. I am about to do a lower body workout! Thanks again for all of the encouragement, and I still can’t believe that I have worked out HARD for 6 days in a row!

  5. Yeahhh, I am still on track. I will probably have a few no-no’s this weekend with family coming up, SO I need to hit the gym a little harder today πŸ˜‰ NOTE to self….beach in August!

  6. i love joyce! i was refered to her website by one of my professors when i was going through a difficult time with a very toxic person!

  7. ill have to check joyce out its always good to have extra incouragement, my spirituality has always got me through the tough times in my life!

  8. Thanks, Michelle, for not only the physical, but spiritual encouragement. — I am off to the gym for chest/tri’s/abs and intervals on the treddy. BTW, in reference to your email, I have watched my boys drink a lot more water lately….they have been watching me! Thanks again!

  9. no matter ones beliefs – we can all listen to these teachings with an open heart πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for the inspiration. I plan to spend the day at the park and run 3 miles and play with my son. Later will do some abs!

  11. BTW! The fact that you are a true Bible-beleiving Christian makes you so much more to me than the other fitness “gurus” out there! I love Joyce Meyer and her belief set. I too am a Christian who beleives that I will/do have what I say and that God is a blesser; not a curser, tester, killer, or taker… So I’m speaking my body to look like yours (I’m also doing the hard work that goes along with it of course)!

  12. Sorry I can’t agree with you on Joyce Meyer. But I do rely on scripture for my strength.

  13. I had another active rest day. I gardened some more. And I think that I did something to my back because I can barely stand up. And I introduced my song to crossfit. He absolutely loved it.

  14. Jessica :THanks for the daily message!
    Today: bodyweight circuits

    Amen sister… When you believe you receive! Abs and booty exercises today!

  15. Amen! All this inspiration is awesome. Today is a “recovery” day for me, though I do feel like a run!

  16. No workout today, feelin BAD. Migraine, sick not had one for maybe years. The only cure is to sleep all night then I wake with out it.

  17. I pray everyday that God will give me the strength that it takes to do the best for the house of my soul.

  18. I have two girls ages 12 and 8. I try to be the best example to my girls as possible. They see mommy go for her runs and get her weights in even after a long day at work. Sometimes they come to the gym with me. Now my eldest daughter wants to join the gym and even comes to the track with me to run sprints!

  19. Amen, and I agree with April B. (17th comment)! Our strength is in the Lord.

    After my long, difficult hike yesterday, I thought I’d be sore and stiff today, but I’m not! I will run three miles later today — following a training program to run a half marathon. No weights today. Have a great day, everyone!

  20. I just want to say that it is so cool to me that so many women are plugged in to this blog and not only care about their health, but are doing something about it! Women are so much more powerful than most of us believe, and when you get us together…WATCH OUT! I’m so proud of all of you. YOU GO GIRLS!!!

  21. I love Joyce Meyers. She’s so funny. I remember one time when she visited my old church & I got to meet them all in person. So exciting!!!
    I set a good example for my son but know it’s a problem that I don’t make him eat like I do. It’s hard!! Thanks Michelle!!

  22. What words of inspiration michelle! Thank you;) off to for my Sunday run!!! I’ve added in climbing a flight of 70steps….my goal today is to complete it 10 times. Wish me luck! Happy Sunday everyone;)

  23. Today will be a big workout day for me–and i agree with the tip–if you dont buy it then you cannot eat it and same goes for those lovely children—

  24. i have two teenage girls and they are realizing that all that snack food and fast food are not good for their bodies. i try to guide them and be a good roll model.

  25. Wise words to live by, Michelle!

    I have noticed that since I have pre-cut up all my fruits and veggies and put them in see-thru containers, the kids have been grabbing from them more.

    Going to hit the elliptical and then do my lower half!

  26. Going to the track later to run intervals. I am sore from the 5k yesterday but I want to push past it. I need to get up and get an upper body workout in too. I feel kinda lazy today.

  27. Love Joyce’s sense of humor and her strength. Hit it hard almost every day this week. Settling for a slow-down Sunday.

  28. Thanks Michelle! You are so right in keeping God first….for those who believe will achieve!!! I am soooo blessed with my family and health, and love that my DH is growing more and deeper in his God’s word. Blessings to you and your family:)

  29. Great words of encouragement. I’ll have to learn more about Joyce. It seems like everyone loves her. I have four children also. My oldest daughter is 12 and is becoming more conscious of what she is eating. We have the rule of only eating in the kitchen or dining area, yet they occassionally sneak snacks into the family room. In the past month, I have tried to eliminate most of the junk food in my house and to encourage the kids to eat more fruit and veggies. It’s amazing to see when the kids are begging for ice cream, or some other sweet food, and I give in that they are actually hungry a short time later. It’s a battle, but small changes over time will equal positive results.

  30. Today is my rest day I was on a roll, but I know my body needs it. I love keep the food in kitchen idea, less time to clean up which means more time to put forth in my workouts and preparing real foods for my family.

  31. Thanks for inputing that we need to be spiritually fit as well as physically, I am also a big fan of Joyce Meyers. Well I am finally getting to catch up being gone this weekend the family and I were in Hershey PA this weekend. We are back now and I am catching up on email and postings. I really tried to not eat a lot of chocolate, I think I did ok. But tomorrow it is back to the work out. Dropping the kids off at VBS and hitting the gym. better make sure my Ipod is charged. hope everyone has a Blessed week!

  32. I love Joyce Meyer too, what an inspiration she is. Thanks for these reminders I need to add more of these verses to my memorization notebook. A healthy spirit is good for the body too.

  33. Rest day but still ate clean until afternoon snack time….I had frozen yogurt as a treat. Still on track because instead of downing a whole pint I only at the one serving (.5 cup which is only 90 calories). Thanks for this forum!

  34. Great message! My boys have termed me a “health nerd”, but I know that they benefit from eating cleaner and moving more. My oldest son gave up pop for 22 months when he was 14-15 years old. We didn’t tell him that he had to, he just knew that there isn’t anything healthy in it.

  35. I’m late in responding to this message, but I read it the day it was posted. It had a lot of meaning that day as I had really bad news… Thank you Michelle for reminding us that fitness isn’t a physical thing.. but mental and spiritual as well!

  36. Just thinking I need to find a new church…I feel like my life is missing something without regular worship.

    Ankle was bothering me this weekend, so no workouts. And the food wasn’t great, either. Well, today is a new day!

  37. Thanks great words to keep close to your heart and always on your mind… cardio today not bad..

  38. thanks for the post. if you are looking for a group bible study you should check out Beth Moore. Daniel was eye opening. I am constantly plagued with idea of living in the world but still being set aside. It is so important to have other friends that set a good example and keep us accountable.

    thanks for your sharing of your faith. God will continue to bless you!!!!

  39. Thanks for that uplifting posting. I also enjoy Joyce teachngs. I feel that I am back on track with my water intake and I had a good workout.

  40. Thanks for that post Michelle. I am in need of a spiritual uplifting and this is the perfect place to get it.


  41. Michelle, that puts all in the proper place. God first. Inner strength always come to be through the belief in spiritual power. Even when I don’t need it most- it has helped over the darkest times and in times when life seems so easy- i never want to take advantage or forget where it comes from!

  42. Today my blood pressure skyrocketed, I actually think it started last week. Nevertheless, I have to hold up on working out until after I see the MD on Friday.

    Just a little stumble, but I’m not giving up.


  43. I didn’t do any body work today, but did get in my spiritual work with prayer and scripture study! Thanks for being real and open about your faith!

  44. Thank you so much for this post. As I get my physical body in better shape, I need to also get my daily spiritual vitamin =) I also love Joyce Meyer’s ministry. Did 45mins jog on the treadmill this morning before work!

  45. I got a good workout on my healthrider, but regret some of my food choices. At least I could tell they were not right by the way they made me feel.

  46. Just got Joyce Meyer’s book “Battlefield of the Mind”. Looking forward to reading that.
    Thanks for the blog post!

  47. Hi yal! Had another clean eating day today. The weather is not so bad today,so at least I can get my water in,hehehe! I just got my new batch of whey protein that I ordered, I am so excited! I am going spinning tonight,yeah, can”t wait!

  48. No workout again today. Took the kids to the park and did a lot of running around and sweating. Does that count?

  49. What a wonderful post! Today was day 4 for me. I got a great AM workout in and will do cardio at lunch with interval running through the downtown area where I work. I look forward to that each workday as my stress relief! Diet is going well. I over snacked a little bit yesterday but otherwise it was on track. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s lifting session, I am pumped!

  50. In our household we limit naughty snacks to once a week normally on our family night when we all a movie togther

  51. My daughter is a grazer – she loves fruit which we find the remains of, all over the house. This is a great tip.

  52. That’s funny!! I have kids that leave food scraps around my house too~ I keep trying to train them to only eat in the kitchen, but it’s hard to keep tabs on them 24/7 !

  53. Phil. 4:13 is my favorite- it helped me through my mom’s first cancer back in 91 and again this past month ( her third battle). It is the truth!

    I also try to be the example to my children and this summer was delighted when my daughter who is 12 asked to come workout with me to tone up. She is so skinny (she has her dad’s good genes) but wanted to gain endurance and tighten her abs like her old mom. Now that made me feel good!

  54. I love Joyce Meyer! I’ve done several great studies of hers.

    I have a 13 month old son, and he’s been a good inspiration to start eating better because I want to be a good example. Since having him, and especially now since he’s eating more table food, we’ve been eating at home A LOT more which means we’re eating a lot healthier too!

  55. I don’t have children yet. But both my husband and I both agree on making sure that are kids will grow up learning about healthy eating habits.

  56. great tip, I’ll try it when we’re home from vacation. Made it to the GYM today, did the upper body/abs/intervals. My shoulder’s been bothering me when doing shoulders lately.

  57. it is so amazing how true that is!! I need to keep that in mind…it’s soooo hard to fight with my kids about trying new foods.

  58. so true about teaching your kids good eating habits. my propensity towards healthy, homemade meals definitely stems from the foods my parents cooked and introduced to us. they always had us try new things (usually twice) and if we didn’t like it, that was alright, as long as we gave it a shot πŸ™‚

  59. Day six check in! Triceps and chest today and a long walk with the dogs. Can’t wait until next Monday when I see the dr again and hopefully he will give me the thumbs up on jogging, squats and lunges again. I feel my butt is getting soft πŸ™

    BTW – I love Joyce Meyer!

  60. I agree we must lead by exampl at all things. I NEVER understood when a parent would make this healthy dinner for a child or give them a helathy snack but then they would eat just junk in front of their child. Good for the child atleast getting good food, but I always say if I want my child to do it then I must do it too!
    PS Joyce Meyer is an amazing woman. I have many of her books!

  61. Day #6 completed legs this morning. Plan to swim later today. I love the tips and the recap from the past week. I feel great. I love Joyce Meyer also. She is direct and straight to the point.

  62. I love love love that you put scripture in your blog! It’s great to have Christian inspiration in all aspects of our lives…even fitness. People always act like that if you workout a lot that it’s a bad thing…that you are too focused on your body. I just want to tell them that I am just taking care of the temple the He gave me! God bless you!.

    I did 30 minute run on the treadmill, lifted for 30 minutes-back.

  63. Thanks for all the inspiration, Michelle, including the scriptures.

    Good soccer game yesturday, even though we lost.

    Had good upper body workout today (Monday).


  64. Joyce is one of those people I aim to emulate in some capacity. She is full of wisdom. That’s great! This life is short and I think it’s important to maximise it’s potential in loving God, neighbour and self. All three are important. Thanks for your wonderful example.

  65. Just got back from the gym!
    13 minute warmup cardio
    15 reps @ 45 lbs
    32 @ 55 lbs (at this moment, I heard you in my head say, ” PUSH YOURSELF!” and I did. Hence the 32. I went as hard as I could)
    21 @ 70 lbs
    15 @ 45 Lbs
    17 @ 55 Lbs
    10 @ 70 LBS
    INNER/OUTER Thigh Machine:
    15 ea.@40 Lbs
    30 in. 18 out @ 50 Lbs (pushed myself again)
    20 in. 16 out @ 60 Lbs

    3 sets of extended Lunges across the gym floor
    Abs: 3 sets of 30

    I’ve never had more motivation than when I started reading your e-book!
    Thanks Michelle! I want to be a BuffMother! too!

  66. Wonderful to hear you so motivated and that you are PUSHING hard! 32 reps!! wow!! Up those weights next time~ I bet you can lift about twice as much as you are πŸ˜‰

  67. Wonderful workout today. Upper/lower body type of workout and intervals on the bike. That was so much fun pushing it on the spinning bike. I forgot how much fun it was.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  68. It has been a great week and I really worked out hard at the gym M-Th. I wasn’t able to make it today, but I was at the Pumpkin Patch for 3 hours chasing my 4 yr old so I will consider that pretty good exercise. It was a beautiful day and it felt wonderful to be outside enjoying the fall weather with my son.

  69. Started reading Hormone Timing Book and I feel like there is hope again. I agree that hormone timing will sweep the womens fitness industry. I hope I can inspire others the way I have been inspired. Thank you buffmother!

  70. Well I don’t have it in front of me but I LOVE 1 Corinthians 10:13. It is about TEMPTATIONS. Basically it says that God doesn’t give you anything you can not handle and he always gives you a way out of temptation…back away from the LAYS!!! :):)

  71. I almost forgot to post today. I did 40 min cardio at lunch and will do my weight program tomorrow. I am so happy to be posting everyday to show my progress. It does really seem to motivate me!

  72. I have always loved Joyce Meyer too. She just says it like it is and I love that!!!!
    Headed down to the basement right now to knock out 45 minutes of intervals followed by abs.

  73. Day 6!
    Thank you! We all have those day when we need to hear words of encoragement and to remind us that we have God at our side. Yesterday was one of those day for me. Just finished my work out, upper body and 30 min cardo. Everyone have a great day!.

  74. Good…I just listened to a JM message the other day about “LOVE REVOLUTION”…it was GREAT!
    Keep up the baby steps girl!!

  75. I just love Joyce Meyeres. I found her a while back when i was going through some rough times.

    Plus I just love these daily emails. It helps tokeep me focus and remember to do it one step at a time.

    thanks MIchelle!

  76. My girls love that I care about my health. Interestingly their friends comment on how I’m a young mom and their moms are old….I always have to remind them I am the same age as their mothers.

  77. Well my accountability for this has not started off to well. My only internet access at home curently is my black berry, and it won’t let me post blogs πŸ™ I tried several times….and as of Day 1 (Christmas Day) I have had a stomach bug, so this is really the first day since that I will be able to eat normal and work out….GRRR! Oh well, minor set back.

    Anyway, I discovered BuffMother on BodySpace, and this is truly an answer to a prayer I did not even know I was praying. I have always worked very hard to maintain my body, and 3 months post c-section, my confidence is lacking. Since I have been receivng your emails, I have found myself more than just motivated to work out, but also researching how to eat cleaner.

    I have also noticed another change in myself in the past few days. The past few years I have stuggled in my relationship wth the Lord. Lately, my heart has softened again, and I the smallest of miracles move me to tears.

    I truly believe that this is just what I have been looking for to help me better not only my physical body, but my spiritual body as well.

  78. Kati!! thank you for sharing your thoughts about your prayers and your relationship with Jesus! I am glad that you found inspiration to be your best physically and spiritually~ God Bless you!!!

  79. Day 6 and going strong.. Over the first round of soreness!! πŸ™‚ Back and bi’s today.. Thanks Michelle, sometimes THE MOST important thing is some encouragement!

  80. Definitely a tired one today, but I’m keeping motivated, the temps are a little warmer here today so I’m going to venture out to the mall to get a walk in and take it easy the rest of the day with my little ones.

  81. I am doing ok on my diet and exercise routine. I like it when God brings supporters and helpers to me, it does help!

  82. Day 6 – did 45 minutes on elliptical, then legs/abs. Then I took the kids sledding. By the 5th trip up the hill carrying my 3 year old, my legs were shot! Good thing I worked out before, I don’t think I would have made it after. Having a hot cup of mint tea while the kids drink their cocoa. I am already seeing progress. I can do both sets of leg raises without resting. Couldn’t do that a week ago!

  83. Hi Michelle this is my day 6 and i very enjoy, today i did 30 mins on the bike and did a lot of leg excersice i normaly do 1 or 2 hour at the gym ,ii drink a protein shake before i go at 8am and after i have my porrige with yogourt i take flax seed oil tablet as well ,i have a very helthy routine ,and i lift lot of weight at the gym and they are hevy to but i still dont have the cut well i have some but i will like to get more defenition,my question do you think i should take some other suplement like the one you takin ,thanks michelle

  84. Day 6
    Still going strong 2 hour workout today, legs still feel like concrete but probably better than JELLO! LOL. Upper body tomorrow can’t wait for the change up!

  85. i’m staying on track lifted this morning and did about 1 hour on the bike I feel good have been hitting my protein grams but not loosing any weight

  86. we need to bring faith back into our son loves going with his grandparents to church especially when they have the puppet show. I need to get back into a routine…otherwise I become lazy and just eat and eat :(!

  87. my daughter is 12, so she always want to do what i’m doing. she has made a chart for her eating habits and does the exercises in hormonal timing (modified of course). i tell her this isn’t a “diet” per se, but a diet for life. we both do our devotionals in the morning then exercise and mark off what we eat during the day. this has been great for the body and the mind and the spirit!

  88. I am keeping on track and love working out and eat healthy and my daughter will join me on some of the exercises and she loves to eat heathly snacks too! πŸ™‚

  89. I love love love phili. 4:13. So awesome.

    My little boy love eating healthy. The other day he said “mommy I don’t want chocolate anymore. I want to grow up and be strong like you and daddy.”. So cute. I believe it is our responsibility as parent to teach our kids early about nutrition. Food for fuel!! Eat to live not live to eat. He does hey treats but that’s what they ate treats nor everyday foods. πŸ™‚

  90. Day 6 didn’t go as I had planned. I missed my morning workout and voewed to go later but it’s something in my head where I can’t workout after 12pm… Mind games.. but today’s blog was awesome motivation.

  91. you are teaching your kids YOUNG!! that’s what it’s all about! We have the power to change the world on daughter or son at a time!

  92. I LOVE JOYCE Meyers! I love watching her on T.V. in the mornings She brings life into her messages, and you can understand what she is preaching!!! But on a another note BOTH my girls LIKE their candy and we have a SMALL stash but they would rather have FRUIT and for dinner if they don’t like what I cook they have an option of salad or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread! And they are 4 & 2! They also going with mne in evenings for a walk or bike ride. I haven’t always been healthy and I wnat to teach my children as I am learning NOW!

  93. I am feeling SOooooo much better now that I am working out 4 days a week! I am TRULY changing my way of life & teaching my family to do the same…it really is contagious…the more I work out, the more they want to! It’s really given my mundane life something exciting & fun to look forward to! Thanks to all who put in your comments & advice…it is really encourageing & upliftingto me! God BLESS!

  94. I enjoy Joyce Meyer and her teachings too! I enjoy the promises of God and strive to care for his temple, because He lives in it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  95. It’s their problem…if you know the motives of your heart are PURE who cares what anyone else thinks!

  96. What an awesome post! Thanks! I know I only have one body and that I need to do my best to take care of it the best I can. Sometimes I feel that people in church look down on me if I want to do a figure competition…they think it is too sexy…to flaunt my body.

  97. When working out i would always recite to myself that i can do ALL THINGS through Christ who STRENGTHENS me! Then i would pick up the weight and show it who’s boss! haha!
    Great lesson today! Never really watched or read much of Joyce’s stuff but a lot of my friends do, might have to check her out! Thanks for the reminder! πŸ™‚

  98. I love Joyce Meyer. I used to watch her early in the am lying in bed. She is great. I know God has given me great strength to endure many challenges he has set in front of me, not to hurt me, but to make me the person I am today. Thanks for the reminder.

  99. Haha. We had a natural childbirth with our last two children and the whenever I had a contraction I would repeat to myself “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Still now when I am really physically challenged that is what gets me through.

  100. well that’s a great verse to get you through!! I am sure you feel power when speaking it!

  101. Day #6. Another great day! Walks during work & an hour at the gym. Also trying to mix it up a bit at work and instead of using the bathroom on my floor I’m taking the stairs to another floor and using those bathrooms. Not huge, but can feel it in my legs. πŸ™‚ Also doing well on my diet…

  102. We are not just body, but soul and spirit also- we are a package deal- all areas must be considered and addressed for success!

  103. Day #6…about to get in a leg workout!Love your tip for today about setting an example for the children.I have three boys…one of whom is underweight…one which is average weight…and one who is on his way to being overweight.Came to a realization yesterday as i was squeezing ketchup for us…theres high fructose corn syrup in ketchup!!!!!!I really believed that I was educated in what is healthy and what isnt…Thank you Michelle for forcing me to get educated not only for my health, but also for my precious angels!!!

  104. Well I’m getting ready to do 45 min. of circuits with the weights. Later I’ll go for a 6 mile walk with my husband. Thanks for the inspiration.

  105. wow…a 6 mile walk is quite a ways. do you and your hubby walk together often. I bet you have a great time talking while you are walking. enjoy it!

  106. Thanks for posting those. I have been trying to strengthen my relationship with God. It is refreshing that you incorporate that into your fitness. God Bless

  107. Thanks, Michelle! I love finding new websites that help me in my endeavors to be my best. ~ Yesterday, I did 20 minutes of intervals and then an ab workout. I am following your 7 for 7 plan right now. I have been doing it for a week, and already see results!! I have a “4-pack” right now, but I know there is a 6-pack hidden under my “pooch” which is currently being annihilated. Can’t wait to see my 6-pack!!

  108. That’s so cool!! I love hearing amazing successes like yours- could you add your review of After Baby ABS to my amazon page?

  109. I loved to see that you gotyour inspiration from Joyce Meyer…..
    I had moved about from relgion until i ran across her shows early in the morning….

    You are right SO DOWN TO EARTH….
    Just love her!!!

  110. Finally a day off from work today and so Im going to take advantage of it by hitting the gym, getting some gardening done, and take my little man swimming… get in a few laps in at the pool while I’m there πŸ™‚

  111. I am learning to cut out Carbs after 4 PM..!! Of course I know about only eating Complex Carbs. πŸ™‚

  112. I was at a Christian conference all weekend and your post says it all. We have to know who we are IN Christ, not in this world as it’s not the identity that really matters.

  113. The Deuteronomy quote really makes one think! I always need to remind myself that I am the head and not the tail. Though many times, I feel like I am chasing my tail!

  114. Wow thanks so much Michelle so often, we forget the spirital side of things. Without Him we can do nothing but with Him we can do ANYTHING!!!

  115. Had a friend listen to Joyce on her MP3 while running her first 5K. She said everything Joyce said in her ear made her keep going. Thank you!

  116. I’ve seen Joyce Meyer on TV a few times. I really like her powerful message and how she presents it. She’s very captivating!

    Thanks Michelle!

  117. I don’t have kids but if I did I would raise them healthier than I was raised. I think I can apply this too myself too. I usually eat my meals or snacks on the couch or in front of the computer.

  118. Thanks for the uplifting scriptures!! I love Joyce Meyer, went to one of her conferences once and it was incredible!!

  119. I LOVE Joyce Meyer…she’s a very wise woman of God!

    Great idea to restrict the food to the kitchen. My weakest time of the day is in the evening watching TV and mindlessly munching on anything in sight. But, if I don’t allow into the living room or bedroom…I can’t eat it…awesome concept. Thanks Michelle

  120. I love those scriptures! Thank you for giving us spiritual uplifts along this life long journey.

  121. Those are great! I have a few of my own to try to keep me up beat able to find my strength and seeing my life as it really is….an abundance of blessings. “Be still and know that I am God and I will not forsake you” Psalms 46:19. ” Tomorrow be stronger braver more loving than you have been today” from GOD Calling. You gotta have faith!

  122. Day 6….when to the cost and walk about 2 hrs total. I has not that hungry but I try to eat and drink my protein shakes.
    Have a good night!!

  123. Today was intervals and abs. It was wonderful the whole family was able to go. My husband ran with me while the kids rode their bikes. I feel blessed that Ive been able to include my children in my physical activity since they were very little. I feel its a good example, like the one my dad did for me. Some day I hope they carrying on the tradition and do the same with their kids.

  124. Love the scriptures! They are a great source of encouragement as I strive to be all that God created me to be.

  125. still hanging in here. it’s been super stressful in our home and I’ve been low on motivation.

    “just do it” πŸ™‚

  126. So ironic about the fit tip on the kids! Yesterday life got in the way. I hit the ground running straight out of bed and had errand after errand to run ALL day. I was going so much with the kids that I did’nt eat until 7:30 pm and they wanted Buger King so I ate fries and half a chicken sandwich. Needless to say I slept terribly because of my rolling belly and splitting headache and did not get to exercise. Today I’m back on my usual diet starting off with a protien shake and trying to build my energy back up for my upper body work out.
    I’m going to look into Joyce Meyer. Once upon a time I was a very devoted Freewill Baptist. Divorce tends to put a lot of strain on one’s faith…

  127. Sounds very uplifting. I recently saw a great quote…wish I could remember where I saw it and who it was a quote from. It went something like this: When you are frustrated and realize that something in your life is simply something you cannot change, it is time to change YOU… can always change YOU:) Good tip on the offering of leadership with other family and household members and restricting areas of food intake is great idea too. I have transitioned my living area in front of the TV from a snacking area to a workout area. If I’m watching tv and haven’t done cardio for the day, then get on the elliptial NOW!!! TV is something you do while working out:)

  128. β€œI can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13 AMEN!

  129. day 6: cardio day…still trying to figure out what to do? run? plyo? hmmmm. Love Joyce Meyer, enjoy watching her on tv when I can

  130. Great inspiration this morning to help me get started! Also love the tip about teaching our kids healthy habits. The more we can teach them when they are young the better armed they will be with healthy behaviors when they are out on there own.

  131. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…. was such an important lesson for me July 17th as I learned a new lesson about looking after my body!!!

  132. I look forward to getting my e-mail from you every morning and it always gives me what i need. Thanks for the inspirational messages today.

  133. πŸ™‚ Amen and Amen !!

    β€œI can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13

  134. I truly accepted Christ into my life when I was 18, and he has been a force helping me to stay on his intended path every since! I feel that when I take care of my body, I’m taking care of what God gave me as a gift, and that brightens my life!

  135. My favorite is Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!” You’re amazing Michelle! Thank you for your daily inspiration…who knew I’m be working on my spiritual fitness as well as my physical fitness!

  136. Amen! Thank you for the spiritual reminder, all things are truly possible if you believe. I’m ready for another day of hard work and a great workout.

  137. Praise God for progress! I love all the workouts! YEY Jesus!

    My favorite is John 10:10 ” Jesus says: ” The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have AND enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

    Joyce Meyer AMP bible

  138. I love starting my day with the mini tips! We have already implemented the eating only in the kitchen for our 2 daughters!

  139. I had never heard before about Joyce Meyers, but as a catholic, I am deeply in love with Jesus, too. Lots of love from Spain!

  140. I love that when I made changes in food choices like cooking brown rice instead of white and whole grain pancakes instead of buttermilk…my kids didn’t notice and still gobble it all up.

  141. YES, any tool to help learn what’s a real portion size…just be aware most snacks are carbs. Find some good nuts or protein based snack options too!

  142. I have been buying “snack” food in portioned sizes because it is easier for me than it was showing them how much a “portion” was in a bowl or small bag- instead of eating from a large bag! I figured teaching portion size is realistic in knowing they can eat dessert, etc- in moderation. Hope I am doing it in a way that helps them instead of restricting it totally?

    Thank you for your uplifting words- Michelle & everyone:)

  143. Day 6- Loved my workout! I mixed my protein shake with creatine. I drank half before my workout and the other half after. I was able to power thru my workout. I am in the Push phase of Chalean Extreme. This phase you use heavier weights with less reps. I am pretty happy!!! Joyce Meyers is awesome. I have watched her on TV for years.

  144. I feel good!! I took yesterday off to get some shopping done and hang with family. I’ll be getting in a good chest tricep and run today!!

  145. Good morning Day Sixers. Im feeling the DOMS today! lol Tonight is Zumba. I love that class. Its Zumba on another level.

    I love Joyce Meyers too. She always has a timely Word. Enjoy today and be a blessing.

  146. Day 6 – last night had carbs, first time in like 2 months, don’t like the way I feel this morning.. Darn the holidays, and people bringing “goodies” ! Today I am going to make the Holiday “treats” good for me and skip the Holiday Treats.. don’t want to undo what I have been working towards the last few weeks.

  147. Teaching Nia to kids again. Managed a wt training session this morning with plyometrics and intervals too. I am one lb away from my goal….to be the actual weight that is on my drivers license!!

  148. Wow that is cool! To be the actual weight on your dl!…lol! If there was a “like” button I would hit that!

  149. My attitude is that I am blessed to have a healthy, strong body and I do all I can to care for it.

  150. Excellent words to live by from the great Book. I hope everyone is excited for the Christmas weekend. Merry Christmas to you all! Do not try to be so restrictive with the holiday goodies that it causes you to binge or overeat. Allow a couple bites then walk away. If you do eat too much don’t get too down on yourself but rather pick it all back up at the next meal and get back on track.

  151. Joyce Meyer is AWESOME! She teaches to us a people, not as if she is there to entertain us or to act as if she is above us. She is a GREAT role model for all women of all ages.

  152. I started putting salads in every meal, sometimes just to be the vegetables and finally my husband has come to accept that it is good for him and i am not trying to poison him with green stuff, lol.

  153. Joyce Meyer is a great inspiration – I always enjoy hearing her speak and share what the Lord has shown her.

  154. Wonderful post today! I look forward to reading all of them. I had my workout at 5:30 this morning and was so much more focused. Thank you!!

  155. Amen!!! I have to keep telling myself consistency is soo important!!! I get discouraged when I do soo good for day and then I get on that stinkin scale and see no dropped numbers…thats when I usually say screw it and jump off the wagon. But this time I am sticking to it!

  156. Words are amazing powerful things! “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

  157. Day 6 – I have to admit I hadn’t heard of Joyce. I will start reading up now!
    Sorry to be so ignorant. X

  158. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…I really need to repeat this verse daily as I face my daily struggles of being a single mommy, and all the challenges that come with it. Thanks Michelle, I needed this today, due to a huge heartbreaking event last night.

  159. I am really looking forward to your book arriving in the mail!!! Day “5” of my 40 day challenge, and I can definitely tell hormones are affecting my energy levels. I would like to understand it more. Luckily Today is my “Off” day because some friends asked me to help them move and organize their new house. So instead of treadmills and crunches, I’ll be hauling heavy boxes all day. I think that still counts toward my fitness. Haha.

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