Back and sprints with Mr. Berger!

Hi everyone-

I had a relaxing/exciting day!!
AND-I worked out this evening. First doing my push-ups…
45 again today
Then I did a at home back workout:
pull ups and modified pull ups on swingset
on the bowflex:
rows and lat rows
military press
lateral and front raises

and then for the first time in ages ran with my hubby.
We did 8 sprints fast and hard with a good amount of recovery between.
It was fun!
Now it is supper time and then Monday Night football and my favorite
Happy Monday Night,
I love you all, Michelle



2 Replies to “Back and sprints with Mr. Berger!

  1. Keep the pictures and the workout information coming, they are motivational to my girlfriend and myself. I have lifted weights for many years but my girlfriend is relatively new to it and seeing someone else with children succeed is a great help. Keep up the good work!

  2. Speaking of pictures how about one of you and Mr. Berger. That would be AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for being such an inspiring role model!!

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