Feels Weird

It feels weird to not be “in” a contest right now.

If you feel like I do and want another contest to keep your MOJO high, be sure to check out my diet bet, we START 11-11 but join now so you are READY for weigh ins starting on the 9th. Sign up here:
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AND!! …Just wanted to encourage you to invite your friends! The game “MVP” is awarded to who invites the most…Starting Wednesday thru the 11th I’ll be giving daily prizes to the MVP ! INVITE, INVITE, INVITE

Just because I’m between contests it doesn’t mean I’m not working hard. I’ve still got to do my own final entry. It’s going to have to wait until later this week. Too much going on right now to get it done.


Here’s the info link if you missed it:

My Nostalgic post for today is about being “Miss Hawaiian Tropic FARGO, ND” twice… A free trip to Hawaii for DH and I in 1995 and again in 1997!! Both trips were a blast and laid the foundation for my current profession. 
I didn’t end up doing my leg workout last night, too tired and lazy. Hormones are starting to ramp up! Boosting is ON!
Instead of a POA, I’m going to post my workout goals for the week:
5 lifting workouts (at least 2 leg days); 4 fasted biking days (at least 20mins each); 3 runs (a long, a treadmill intervals and a hills run)
To Do’s:
Send email about
Finish gathering testimonials for HT pills
Finish up some paperwork
Get taxes into accountant
Catch ya later ladies!!
Gotta go, pray for my tummy please, I’m hoping it’ll stop hurting soon!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Too Many Kids Tuesday

I’m out numbered…there are 7 kids in my house and I’m the only adult!!  It was a very productive day…got my nails done even.


4 tips to SLIM DOWN!!


Plus another video of 100 lunges~


Started my workout with 50+ lunges


Pull ups

6, 4+2negatives

Inverted underhand x10

Inverted over hand x10

Upright rows




Bent over rows
45×10, 65x6x2sets

Bicep curls

45×10, 65x5x2sets


40#KB bent over one arm lat rows x10x3sets

lateral raises




Standing DB militar25’sx10x3sets

Crunches, ab wheel, side crunches, knee ups


Curl machine 70×7

run intervals in treadmill…felt good

2 at 8.8 for 1:30

1 at 9.1…overall started slow but finished strong

finished with 50 final lunges
Time for me to go check on all these kids!!Have a great night!!-Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Half Year Resolutions

Do you even remember your New Year’s Resolutions??  I’ve honestly had to look back at mine a few times already this year, HA!

Mine were simple-

  • To Blog Daily
  • To Shower Before 11 am daily
  •  Pen to Paper journal 3+ times a week…

I have been slacking on a couple of them recently but overall I am happy with my progress and READY TO ADD TO THEM!!


After reading a blog post from my first journey though our 40days to fit and today’s tip about setting GOALS;  I was inspired to redo the some of the same Half Year Resolutions I had then~


Fitness: 3 day split lifting routine- 6 days a week; run 3 x’s a week including sprint 1x a week

Work: create radio show; upload new video; schedule august photo shoot;chore time daily

Family: Have summer fun~ family vacation, canoe trip, amusement park, etc…

Spirit: Kids book of devotions daily, Get back to attending church on Sundays

Today, I have a back/bicep/shoulder workout + treadmill intervals on tap

Then guitar lessons for my DD Gracie.

Time to roll…

Have a great day and remainder of 2013!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Rays of LIGHT!

We’ve had very little sunshine here this month…the forcast keeps calling for sunshine, but then it’s overcast all day or decides to RAIN? BUT today, right now it’s sunny!! YAY!!

Today is Day #6 of our contest– “FEAR of Bulking”?? ~Day #6 HH~

My plan is to enjoy the outdoors for several hours today, then get in a good solid BACK workout + some intervals.  Not sure what the intervals will be except for that they will not be RUNNING.

Yesterday, I did fasted cardio on the upright bike for 25mins; then did some walking and jogging on the treadmill followed by some plyo work- lots of jumping!  Then, I ran hills– Did them a bit different.  I ran to the bottom of our hill, then up for 1 min/down for 1 min x5 times then upped my recovery time to 2 mins (1walking/1running) in between the final 3 hills.  It was a good fun different way to do it! After the run I did some HIGH KNEES, a few lunges and booty pops in the mirror.

Yesterday’s topic was below the butt!

I also tested my hip flexor a bit– I think it’s ready to try sprinting again!!

Thursday got crazy busy so somehow I ran out of time to do my full leg workout– the good news is that I did get in my HEAVY Squats.  My best set was 175×6 after which I thought- I’m gonna try 185#– only did it 1time…but IT COUNTS!! My knees and hips can tell I upped the weight.

Have a good one and be sure to share/promote the BuffMother’s Day Special!!


Love, Michelle

Feeling the MOJO

My Mojo towards being SEXY is rising!  I had a much better day yesterday…feeling good about life right now!
Next week we’ll really be able to start digging into the essence of what we need to do to feel and BE SEXY!  I can’t wait to see how my sexy mojo increase as I apply strategies to enhance my confidence and beauty!  I LOVE THIS CONTEST!!

Yesterday my workout was a baby one again, just playing it safe!  Working out on ANTIBIOTICS can be very dangerous!  They rob your body of all the good bacteria specifically the natural “lube” that’s within your joints.  Ligament and Tendon damage can occur if you push too hard while you are on antibiotics. Once I became aware of this, I started to really listen my body and alter my workouts during “medicated” times.

The workout went like this:

Light Lat pulls- 4 sets Light seated rows- 4 sets Stretching and some abs between sets Lower back hyper extensions- 3 sets A short treadmill run– Intervals for 10 mins– first 2: 1 min on, 1 min off~~ Next 4: 1 min on, 30 sec off

My shoulder/neck was really sore from the massage I had Thursday but It was a million times better than it had been on Mon-Wed!! Thank you Jesus!

Today, I have “mommy duty” running the kids to an fro to Church events and a birthday party.  It’s supposed to cloud up and rain this afternoon…so not sure what’s in store for the rest of my day besides doing a light leg workout.  I have just 2 more days on my antibiotic…Monday I’ll be back to normal workouts for the most part, YAY!!

Have a super Saturday!! LOVE YA!!


Do you ever feel a bit sick??

Do you ever feel a bit sick??  — like with a raw throat? Well I did yesterday but, didn’t let it stop me from getting in a bit of a workout~ I think it was just what I needed  to rid this body of the TOXINS! A Word of CAUTION ~  practice extra careful “SANITARY” lifting at the gym ESPECIALLY if you may be getting ill– wash your hands, wipe down equipment and don’t cough on others!

Chest Press Machine Shoulder Press Machine Lat Pull Seated Rows Hyperextensions Hanging Knee ups

Intervals on Treadmill…haven’t been running on tready much, so I didn’t push it too hard so my joints didin’t go into shock.  I ran my easy minutes at 6mph, hard at 7mph x4 and then finished with the last 3 hard mins at 8mph.

FYI! If you need a training plan~ check out my ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS

Today, I’m going to get in a full chest/tricep workotu and run again~ OUTSIDE this time, I needs my Sunshine!!

Love ya’s,


p.s. Yesterday 1-22-13 was cday1 (cycle was 25dasy), weight 131.6 ; Today weight is ___on cycle day 2– and I’m feeling better today 🙂 Both in my tummy and in my head/nose/throat

28 days of Christmas: Day 20

XMAS Day 20!! The workout on tap is Upper body/ABS/Intervals/extra cardio

Upper body Day
10 min
Warm up
Push ups
2x15reps or failure
between sets of Push ups
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of Rows
 Flys on ball
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of Flys
Pull ups- inverted
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
between sets of Pull ups
Bench/Chest Press
3×10(buffing); 3×6 (boosting)
 **extra abs- leg raises**

Here’s a detailed example of how I attacked this same workout in the past:
Warm up- raced on the bike for 5:30 mins

~Push ups 15x2sets

~Seated rows
knee ups between sets- 2 sets of 20 (10 front; 5 ea side)

~Assisted pull ups
roman chair knee ups- 20repsx2sets

~Incline flys
ab machine between 2 sets until boredom

~Bench Press
45×15 warm uo

Crunches and leg raises between sets

~Intervals on the treadmill- 8 hard mins total

~18 extra mins on the r-bike at the end I was good and sweaty!…I should sleep good tonight!!

Hope you have a Super DAY 20!!


Celery, you are my friend…

Yep, that’s right, CELERY has been my friend the past couple days.  It’s actually VERY GOOD! Why is it so easy to foget how yummy green veggies can be?

Anyhow, my diet is back ON TRACK– had a little bit of a hiccup Friday and Saturday with it…PLUS the ibuprofin I took for my neck caused me to retain some major water– NO FUN!   Most of it is gone now, but I weighed in at 130.8 this morning– almost 6 pounds more that I’d like for my photo-shoot.  I have 18 days days until then, so I’m now in EMERGENCY mode when it comes to diet.  There will be NO BOOSTING for me this month~ I’ll have to gut it out and stay STRONG!!

PROTEINS AND GREENS!! and I’m even cutting down on my fat intake!  THIS GIRL IS DETERMINED, lol!!

I did 60 mins of cardio yesterday~ 20 mins on r-bike; 20 mins of running intervals on treadmill; 20 mins on the elliptical ~ WHEW!!
Now today I have legs on tap–

WARM UP on Upright BIKE

Dead lifts
Forward Lunges
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
ABS between each set

Should be killer!

I’m off to find some more CELERY!!

Gunner’s a TEEN!!

We’ll my son is 13 today!! wow!! that means I must be getting older, lol!  BUT not without a fight!

Look at how cute he was when he was 4

I just got done with intervals on the treadmill + some lat pulls. 30 mins total on tread mill- average of 7 mph– intervals at 8 and 9 mph, most incline at 2 some at 4. I wore these shorts– I like them, do you?

Yesterday I did a short back workout- inverted pull ups, bent over lat rows, shoulder press with barbell,  roman chair knee ups, 5 mins on the bike and 5 mins on my hoppity hop 🙂

That was all I could muster since I was dying from TOM…I feel much better today on cycle day 2.  Weighed in higher today at 133 (probably salty stir fry = hormones+ I had a bit more carbs in the form of rice and terriaki sauce)

Tuesday I got in a chest workout at noon then at 8pm ran 6 hills (1min long ones) and 4 fast sprints (100m)– first time I sprinted in a while. Feel it!




OUR CC!!!~ Day 32!!

We had a conference, listen here:



Until this morning, I had no idea this weekend was a HOLIDAY?? OM-Goodness!! where have I been??  Yesterday was the first day of summer break and I’m already exhausted!  LOL! My kids are fun and great, but it’s going take a bit of getting used to them being home.

With 20 more days to go in my 30 day in a row workout challenge, I am feeling good, yet hormonal as I’m on cday 25.  The past 3 days have looked like this-

Wed: 6 rounds of PBJ’s for my workout- I used Perfect push ups- added some rotation to my bulgarians, barefoot jumpin and did 3 sets of knee ups for abs too
Tues: Ran hills 6 (the first 3 no walking between–5 HARD MINS!) and 4 sprints
Monday: Full Body lifting (8th day in a row for workouts)


















My workout today is full body lifting routine I was supposed to do yesterday– and maybe a run?? I’ve been working out at home, so I’m not sure, it’s HOT and VERY WINDY here.  Maybe if I hit the gym I could use their treadmill.  WE’ll see as the kids want to go to the pool??  And tonight my girls have a Softball game in a neighbor city…means time will be cramped.

Okay, Sorry so scattered, that’s what my hormones do to me!