most snow?

Ok, first off I am in shock! Woke up to the biggest snowfall of the year this morning~ INSANE!



Yesterday I had a RECENT cardio record!! I’m so proud of myself for doing it!  I have a big time “hate” for aerobic training, but all the research I’ve been doing concerning my track training has inspired me to TRY to improve my VO2 max.  Anyhow~ I got in a total of 1 hour and 18 mins of cardio (although 10mins was walking–so I’m not sure it officially counts as my hr doesn’t get elevated much from just walking??)


Today’s workout will be CHEST, TRIS and ABS + intervals on the BIKE.

Tomorrow I’m hoping the weather may clear up and snow melt enough for us (my kids and I) to visit the track in the afternoon??  If not tomorrow we will do it on Sunday!  I need to test out my quad/hip flexor a bit.  I’ve been babying it since I strained it 2.5 weeks ago.


I’m off to get my bills paid and work on paperwork– it’s so much fun I save it up for months to do all in one day, LOL!! Speaking of bills~ do you know how much it costs to buy shoes for a family of 6? Including 3 girls?

Here’s mine with their new shoes (although only 1 pair worked- the other 2 will have to be exchanged)



Cycle day 20 today~ Weight 128 woke up well this morning; not hungry but forced myself to eat 3 eggs this morning, plan to drink a pot of coffee today–it’s one of those days! ; feel up to organizing–that’s totally hormonal for me ; I do have energy even after my big workout day yesterday!!


Have a super FRIDAY!!



Beat yesterday~! day 22/70 SSS2011

I was so beat yesterday…It was one of those days where I kept waiting for some energy and it never came. Despite being exhausted I spent the day with my girls running errands and shopping. BUSY, BUSY!! Needless to say I decided to make yesterday a day off of workouts. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough last night, I was actually in bed early and asleep by 9:30. My sleep was a not the greatest because for a Valentines “treat” …I was sleeping with 4 girls- 3 human ones and a puppy! HA!!

The plan for the remainder of today is to go for a run outside, CLEAN my house, then at about 3 go to the store with the kids to shop for my DH’s birthday. He’ll be 41 tomorrow, poor guy…he’s so old, lol!! Then after a bit of shopping I’ll get to the gym and do a leg workout! Kids classes start at 4 so that should workout perfectly so that we can get home early in the evening.

On my shopping trip yesterday I found some football pants and a helmet!! YES~! now all I need for football is a pair of cleats. I was really sore in my hip flexors and calves/back of knees yesterday from the plyos and drills we did on Sunday. It’s amazing to me how when I’m there doing the drills it’s so much fun and doesn’t feel like a workout. But the next day I can certainly feel it!!

Okay, I gotta go get my running stuff on~ It’s a warm beautiful day here!! Can’t wait to breath it in!!


Holy Hormone hump day!
Well girls…It was one of those days for me today~ High Hormones= tired, slow, stiff, unfocused and a bit reclusive, lol!…but I pushed through by remembering, “It’s just my hormones” and I actually had a rather good day despite!

I got a ton done and had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when Chris Bray (my web guy) got the RR up and running again.

My DREAM is to have a dream website…one that has all the bells and whistles that I desire, one that never ever goes down and one that is as wonderful as the RR and stays wonderful forever!!! I love the atmosphere here– you have created a dreamland… But I know we need it to be updated, more reliable, more user friendly and more dependable for it to house all the women in the world!!!

I’ve already gotten this week’s mini-challenge done~ I worked out LEGS with DH on MONDAY…I actually squated 135×6 for 2 sets…the first time since about FEB that I’ve squatted that heavy. And that same day I worked on some video practice doing the beginner buffing workout~ that’s hard work!

Then yesterday~ I lifted back and RAN!! I also finished with 2 sets of walking lunges~then practiced some more video taping…this time some lower body boosting and some upper body buffing– no wonder I am sore head to to today!

So… today is a much needed day off.
Eats have been decent, working on getting in my protein and greens~ My weight was at 126 on Mon, 126 on Tues and today 127. Very good for me at this time of the month~

Keep rockin’ your workouts and I’m so happy to have you back~ I missed you yesterday!!

Willed it ~ Wednesday

It was so stupid….All throughout my workout today I kept feeling like quitting~ I had to will my way though today. I’d be in the middle of a set of leg press or smith lunges or walking lunges or in my intervals and the thought to quit kept popping into my head :horns: –and each time I said “NO”, lol! It was one of those days when I wished I had a trainer/workout partner there pushing me on….But do you know what kept me going~ YOU!! Knowing that you’d be proud of me if I pushed through and Knowing that day after day many of you have to push through too. SO THANKS for the PUSH!!!

My day has been a good one!! I got up, showered and shaved right off the bat~ which is odd for me…typically I wait until after my workout or at least until I am awake to do all that. Then after I dropped the kiddos off I went to see my friend Brent…He opened a cool training studio/gym here in town about 2 months ago it’s called “ROCK Bottom Gym”

Anyhow, I went to check it out and help a client of his with her contest posing~ it was really fun! While I was there I tried out his Jacobs Ladder -NEATO!!! It was very cool!!
Then I got a massage!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!
Then I came home for a bit to eat, work and prep for the gym.
At the gym I did a leg workout

warm up r-bike 10 min (levels 3 and 4)
Leg extensions 90×20

Leg press (one leg at a time)

Smith Lunges
100×10×3 (last set on step)

walking lunges

knee ups on roman chair

stretching- for my lower back and glutes

Leg curls

Calf rotations
Walking calves

Then I ran 1 min intervals~
a couple at 8mph, a few at 9 and 3 at 10mph…my recovery mins were at 6 and 7.

Now I’ve gotta GO to Wally World~
See ya later BABES!!!

Well today was one of those days that just flew

Well…today was one of those days that just flew by! I couldn’t believe how fast it went.

DH and I had a super workout at the gym tonight

Warm up elliptical 10 min
135×6 a little help on the last 3
135×4 a little help on the last 1

Incline hammer chest press
140×4 -no help

Incline flys

Tricep extension machine

Assisted dips—now these are hard for me due to a previous shoulder injury, so I am in rehab mode for these
50.. assistx12
60.. assistx18


Hanging sit ups
15 full 5 halfway front 5 more each sidex2sets
Roman chair knee ups
NOW i must note that I am still sore from the ab wheel I did on FRIDAY…the sorness is the worst under my boobs on my ribs, down to my upper abs- OUCH!

Tricep push downs

Then r-bike 10 min of hard intervals pushing DH right with me

Good night everyone!

Blah, Blah, blah! Leg workout

I am rather mad at myself…my jaw got a better workout at the gym today than my legs!

It was one of those days, I was pumped to workout! Mentally and physically prepared. Grandma was even watching my 3 youngest and so not worries about time constraints. But, I got to the gym and spent way too much time talking instead of working out. I still did part of my workout here it is:

bike warm up 5 min

squats 2 sets warm up w/ bar

95 warm up to failure

3×10 of 135 low, slow, focus on butt

5-6 sets of smith lunges all but the last one with 90#

4 sets of butt squats with #90,3×70#

5 sets of calves



1 set of roman chair knee ups

I really needed to do about twice as much as this, only because I am “buffing” right now and am getting in such good shape that I am not even tired from this 🙁

ONCE again I must say that I am very, very amazed at what a person is capable of when they challenge their body to its limits. Where does the height of person’s fitness level end?? I want to find it. I am in the best shape of my life at 30 after having 4 kids and only spending 1-1.5 hours a day working out!!! Imagine what I could have done as a twenty year old, if I knew then all I know now!