I broke into the 120’s!

HOLY COW, I finally, finally saw 129.8 on the scale today!! It’s been since August that I’ve been trying to get a reading in the 120’s!!  YAY!!

I’ve got 2 things new that I’m doing to THANK for the weight drop:
1- Thyrocare supplement– started taking this again this week

2- PH9 Generator water- it’s a cool invention check out the info

Fun to see some FLUFF coming off!!

I ran last night, harder than a couple days ago– went up to 9mph for my intervals and decided to be done after I hit the 2 mile mark at 15:40 due to some DIZZINESS– must not be getting enough OXYGEN just yet


Today, I’m not sure how I’ll get a workout done. I’ve got a meeting at 2 for my Diabetes charity event

Then we have dinner at my SIL’s at 6…hmmmmm….. May have to get creative.


Time for me to roll!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Workin’ it even on Friday!

I’ve been workin’ it all day today~even on Friday.   Fridays during the summer around here are interesting…many businesses here have summer hours  and close offices at noon.  What an awesome invention!!!  Who ever thought of it must have had a lake cabin :) and valued FUN…
LIKE ME,  I really value FUN!  We all need to escape from time to time to kick back and have fun…I’ve been trying to remember to have fun even while I am working or cleaning.
Music seems to make things more fun- singing along with a song is fun- dancing or moving to the beat a bit is fun
talking to friends is fun– on the phone, in person lunch dates and talking to them at the gym,
e-mailing friends is fun when you get a response ;)
Working out is FUN (sometimes, lol)!
Change/Adventure is fun!
Being an Encourager is fun!!
Laughing is fun~ like when I watch Dumb and Dumber!!
Kids are fun~ they say and do the silliest things~ like my kids are now obsessed with killing flys, spiders and ants~that’s FUN!

Since I know I VALUE having fun, I’m gonna think more about what is fun to me then go after it!  Life should be fun!!

My workout today was good and FUN!!!~
I warmed up
then lifted chest

Cable flys

Incline Hammer press
paired with
Ab Wheel
15, 15

Incline flys
25’s x10

Tricep extensions

Tricep push downs

Then I ran again on the treddy~ intervals 4 hard mins @8 , 3@9, then 1 @ 10 and easy at 6– IT was a ton of FUN!!

Off to have some Friday night fun!!
p.s. the B-day challenge tally with 8 days to go is:
weight workouts 4/10 (6 planned for next: sa, mo, tue, we, th, f)
runs 3/8 ( 5 planned for next: su, mo, w, th, sa)

So…It can be done~!!  I need another really good week of workouts next week!!