Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

I celebrated with a fasted run out in the beauty God created and redeemed for us by the blood of His son– who rose signifying Eternal Life… We have Victory!!!


The run was Good…fasted 3 long hills; 3 short steep hills; 3 short gradual hills + warm up and cool down road to bridge– fished with 10 mins continual running total time was 37 mins (7 of those was walking down hill after the 6 shorter hills).



After my run I did about 60-70 walking lunges split into 3 sets and then rode my upright bike for 20 mins.  Overall I got in my “long cardio” day with a tally of 57 mins of cardio.  When I was done on the bike I DANCED for 10 mins and finished with a set of old school sit ups.  I was a sweaty mess when done!

Here’s another pic I took today after my run:

Today’s contest post~

S2S- Week 5 Challenge and RECAP


My plan for today is to plan at least 10 trees.  I have been working on clearing out a little “tree garden” so we can extend our grass into that area.  Should look nice when it’s done!  My shoulder and neck are feeling great and I’m so HAPPY about it!!


6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 15 I feel great, happy, healthy, good energy.  Just a tish bloated– should be gone by tomorrow.  VERY good and SEXY past few days!
  2. Weight- 130..I didn’t end up weighing yesterday, but this number being down again is nice to see.
  3. Sexy To do’s– took a shower already, does that count?  I don’t have any sexy things planned…but I’m sure I’ll get dirty planting trees– is mud sexy?
  4. Workout- done
  5. Meal POA- cooking a ham…haven’t done that ever before. I’m also going to make sweet potato salad, corn, green bean casserole– should be a yummy “luper”–MY favorite meal of the day!! (at about 3pm today)
  6. Sexy Actions– I’ve got a date set with the hubs~!  Gotta mentally prepare and be sure to take an extra afternoon dose my NO2 Supplement today–that helps!!

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!! keep in mind the true reason behind it== WE HAVE VICTORY over sin, death and over the devil thanks to JESUS!! whoohoo!!


xoxoxo~ Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Happy Hoppy Easter POA

Happy, Hoppy, Easter week!! I love this holiday!! LIFE abounds because of all the Love shared on Easter! I love, love, love Easter!!

My girls have their soccer games tonight instead of Saturday and NO FOOTBALL practice this weekend means my weekend is 100% Free!!! WHOHOO!!

I’ve had a busy weekend, my hubby traded in his sporty car for a Truck last week…It’s been fun to bomb around in it with him a bit the past few days.  It’s so much more my style than a car!! Now I want to get and SUV instead of my van :hehe:  It was such a beautiful day out today so I took a drive around to explore. I visited a city named Gravette for the very first time- which is where my neice and her hubby teach school (he’s also a football coach there).  They have a really nice new highschool and stadium there!! FUN to see it finally!

Workout wise, I ended up taking Saturday off of workouts in preparation for Sunday’s 3 hour long football practice, which was VERY SMART!  It was killer- HOT, WINDY and HARD!! I have really sore hamstrings, blisters on the bottoms of my toes and really sore abs!  At least it’s a ton of fun too!  My ankle did great, just got a bit sore toward the end of practice. After practice I immediatly started taking creatine again.  I need it for recovery!!  Last night for dinner we went to OUTBACK~ It was a super awesome post workout meal!!!

I’ll be hitting the gym for a quick workout tonight while my girls are at their games…I’ll do a mish mosh upper body workout. 


Monday: Upper body
Tuesday: Legs
Wed: Football practice 6pm
Thurs:Upper Body
Friday: run outside/Tennis?
Saturday: legs/Tennis?

Let’s have a lovely week!!


The weekend we by so fast!! this Contest is going by FAST! and I am loving feeling FAST!!!

Friday- i had a GREAT run.  I felt really good and ran for about 4 miles, did abs and later hit the gym for a good Chest/Tri workout.  I had a recent bench pb of 145×3 and attempted 155- but needed assistance for the 2 reps that i did.

Saturday- got in a great back, sh, bicep workout with the gym with hubby yesterday- Oh and we also played a bit of catch and we tanned 🙂

Then today I had football practice- what a beautiful day!!  We did lots of SKILL And positional work today- I had a couple “fast” moments~ it was fun.  I had to leave practice a bit before we were done- practice got started late (it’s supposed to run from 2-4) and I still had to leave at 4:15 to get home for the kids. 

Once I got them all settled, etc…Travis and I decided to hit the tennis courts.  Thankfully the courts have lights so we got to play for about an hour again.

Now it’s bedtime and I have to confess- I only managed to put on my bikini a couple times this week.  I’ve simply forgot…BUT the times I’ve done it GAVE me GREAT  MOJO!!

Well ladies we’ve got 4 weeks left- TONS of time to get some stellar ripped results.

Let’s push hard!! DIET AND ABS are going to be a SUPER EMPHASIS for me in my blog- so stay tuned if you want to see improvement in those 2 areas!!

Let’s DO IT!!



p.s. This week’s mini challenge=

Dear %$firstname$%,

SSS contest~~ WEEK #7 Mini-Challenge “Vacuums”~
– do 10 stomach vacuums each day (10-15 secs each).

You will see your waist get smaller this week!!!
Vacuums are simply sucking in your tummy!
I find they produce HUGE results~ they work your

These are highly important muscles that act as a
“girdle” around your waist. The muscles run
HORIZONTALLY and HOLD your organs in place.
They are stretched out after pregnancy and
need to be rebuilt. VACUUMS will do just that!
They are worked whenever you practice good
posture, and will respond even quicker if you
aggressively work at rebuilding them through
exercises like vacuums.

One of the easiest ways to do them is to stand
with your hands on your knees and suck your
tummy in. Try to pull your belly button to
your spine. You can do vacuums anywhere
anytime- I did some last night while brushing
my teeth and this morning sitting in the car.

Beat yesterday~! day 22/70 SSS2011

I was so beat yesterday…It was one of those days where I kept waiting for some energy and it never came. Despite being exhausted I spent the day with my girls running errands and shopping. BUSY, BUSY!! Needless to say I decided to make yesterday a day off of workouts. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough last night, I was actually in bed early and asleep by 9:30. My sleep was a not the greatest because for a Valentines “treat” …I was sleeping with 4 girls- 3 human ones and a puppy! HA!!

The plan for the remainder of today is to go for a run outside, CLEAN my house, then at about 3 go to the store with the kids to shop for my DH’s birthday. He’ll be 41 tomorrow, poor guy…he’s so old, lol!! Then after a bit of shopping I’ll get to the gym and do a leg workout! Kids classes start at 4 so that should workout perfectly so that we can get home early in the evening.

On my shopping trip yesterday I found some football pants and a helmet!! YES~! now all I need for football is a pair of cleats. I was really sore in my hip flexors and calves/back of knees yesterday from the plyos and drills we did on Sunday. It’s amazing to me how when I’m there doing the drills it’s so much fun and doesn’t feel like a workout. But the next day I can certainly feel it!!

Okay, I gotta go get my running stuff on~ It’s a warm beautiful day here!! Can’t wait to breath it in!!


Rest Works!

REST works! It have to admit that it is needed from time to time….especially when injury is involved.  My back/sciatica is getting better because of rest and my aggressive attention to rest, posture, nutrition and icing.

Yesterday I added 2 new supplements to my intake:

1 a new joint supplement that has vitamin D3 in it!

And I started up on 6 star creatine punch

Plus…I got some more vitamin C…

And I’ve had less pain today than I have in a couple months!! YAY!!  I’ve also been praying.

Do you ever consider praying for God to Bless your workouts?  We typically say a blessing for our food (if you don’t do that…start ASAP!), so why not for our workouts?? I am going to really push into my prayer life because it works!!  I’m gonna pray for you more too!!!

Well, I am off to hit the kitchen and then GO!! It’s a beautiful day here to be outside!

Love ya,


p.s. I’m trying hard to post my food

So far…

PPP-egg whites, deli turkey, taco beef
CCC- Cutie orange, Creatine Punch drink, vorn chips
F-olives, a few Cashews, a tish of shredded chesse and asian dresing
GGG-Brocolli Slaw, salsa
T-cream and sugar in coffee