One weird day

First off I want to give a big THANKS to everyone who posted such kind words in response to my facebook status update yesterday. I […] Read More

Feels Weird

It feels weird to not be “in” a contest right now. If you feel like I do and want another contest to keep your MOJO […] Read More

Sunny Saturday

Sunny beautiful Saturday here!! It’s going to be in the 80’s~ a MUST to get outside today and enjoy. Yesterday I ended up running outside, […] Read More

Weekend News!

HI Ya’ll, It’s a rainy day here in Arkansas…cool too, 54 is supposed to be the high. Very weird considering Thursday it was in the […] Read More

Mojo is on the rise!

HEW!! I’ve had a weird week…It’s been very busy, very good and bad all at the same time, lol!! The GREAT part of my week […] Read More


HI my LOVES!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!   I have some free time this morning to get a few things done prior to heading to my […] Read More

Tues=Re-entry, Wed=Attack!

  Now that I am finally out of bed, I am ready to “ATTACK”…lol!! I got to sleep in today~ thanks to my sweet DH. […] Read More

Finish STRONG! My goal this week is to finish out this month STRONG!!  I expect that this week is going to show some fun results from […] Read More


Today was a good productive day~ I love the great posts many of you made about your belief!! VERY inspiring!! I’ve got 14 days left […] Read More

Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya, Everybody look at this! a wallpaper of me! Cool huh? I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself […] Read More