One weird day

First off I want to give a big THANKS to everyone who posted such kind words in response to my facebook status update yesterday. I am truly blessed and thankful. Sometimes, I may LOVE others a bit too much and am shocked when they don’t love me back equally, HA!

But, that will not stop me from loving. Putting my heart out there, giving love freely, is what I am called to do and the alternative is not an option!! I love you!!

I am also so Thankful yesterday is OVER…it was ONE WEIRD DAY! Full of bad, good, bad, enjoyment and really bad stuff. PLUS, it turned out to be cycle day 1, go figure?

Today is a new day and I’m ready to take on whatever is in store for me!

No looking back only looking ahead…

One thing that I’ve really been slacking on are my diet choices. I have certain rules that I “KNOW” I should live by when it comes to healthy food selection that I have been breaking like crazy!! The rules I have for my diet are much to do with my body’s own sensitivities but also just common sense about healthy choices. I’ve been rebelling and it’s time to stop some of my bad habits NOW!

At the start of AUGUST I was determined to eliminate bread from my diet …I’ve been doing better but yesterday, I totally broke that rule! A double cheeseburger from McD’s and a Ruben at home last night– not good for my tummy! Bread seems to rip apart my digestive tract– I get bad issues from eating it, but yet I seem to tempt fate continually with it.

Another bad habit I’ve been getting into is allowing NITRATES into my diet– Just yesterday I had salami, beef jerky, deli meat and I’m sure that Mc D’s burger has all sorts of crap in it including Nitrates.

The 3rd thing rule I’ve been breaking is eating tons of dairy– especially cheese and butter. I am lactose sensitive and know diary causes tons of inflammation in my body. I must work to cut it down to a minimum.

So for the remainder of Aug my diet goals are simple:


NO Nitrates

NO Dairy except for half and half in my morning coffee

Simple Enough– just have to stick to it!!

I have other bad habits at the moment, but these 3 items are my focus for now. By September I’ll be brave enough to address some others

My POA for the day:

Do ABS– make up for yesterday and Do Today’s challenge

Do A run– outside

Get hair done! This is overdoo…

then, “Chill Out” with my family– eat some GOOD Food and make a solid to do list for tomorrow. I’ve got lots to catch up on!!

Thanks for listening, LOVE YOU!!

xoxoxo~ Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Feels Weird

It feels weird to not be “in” a contest right now.

If you feel like I do and want another contest to keep your MOJO high, be sure to check out my diet bet, we START 11-11 but join now so you are READY for weigh ins starting on the 9th. Sign up here:
Then also sign up for the mailing list here:…others-hot-holidays/
I’ll send you a free 28 day workout plan plus helpful motivation to stay on task towards WINNING!

AND!! …Just wanted to encourage you to invite your friends! The game “MVP” is awarded to who invites the most…Starting Wednesday thru the 11th I’ll be giving daily prizes to the MVP ! INVITE, INVITE, INVITE

Just because I’m between contests it doesn’t mean I’m not working hard. I’ve still got to do my own final entry. It’s going to have to wait until later this week. Too much going on right now to get it done.


Here’s the info link if you missed it:

My Nostalgic post for today is about being “Miss Hawaiian Tropic FARGO, ND” twice… A free trip to Hawaii for DH and I in 1995 and again in 1997!! Both trips were a blast and laid the foundation for my current profession. 
I didn’t end up doing my leg workout last night, too tired and lazy. Hormones are starting to ramp up! Boosting is ON!
Instead of a POA, I’m going to post my workout goals for the week:
5 lifting workouts (at least 2 leg days); 4 fasted biking days (at least 20mins each); 3 runs (a long, a treadmill intervals and a hills run)
To Do’s:
Send email about
Finish gathering testimonials for HT pills
Finish up some paperwork
Get taxes into accountant
Catch ya later ladies!!
Gotta go, pray for my tummy please, I’m hoping it’ll stop hurting soon!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Sunny Saturday

Sunny beautiful Saturday here!! It’s going to be in the 80’s~ a MUST to get outside today and enjoy.

Yesterday I ended up running outside, then rode bike for another 22 mins after that. Felt so TIRED last night but thanks to some afternoon coffee yesterday I could NOT fall asleep!


Anyhow…up now heading to my bike, then planning to eat some really good food today. I feel like a salad

Last night I got in my bikini pic~ looks like I’m leaning up a bit despite the water retention:


My weight was 135 this morning…something weird is going on with my body right now.  Tons of water retention and stiffness/inflammation.  NO FUN! Mojo is a bit down…Been a bit ill since about Wednesday this week. My bladder is causing me some issues…the thing about it is that I get re-curring UTI infections and typically STRESS is what triggers them. I don’t feel like I have a full blown UTI, but I do feel like it’s on the verge– this water retention is a sign of my kidneys being weird too. Hopefully, it won’t go full blown!


Regardless, I know I’ll feel better if I get moving and get in some sunshine today!!

Off to enjoy, hope you do too!!


p.s. Here’s today’s SEXY POST~

Weekend News!

HI Ya’ll,

It’s a rainy day here in Arkansas…cool too, 54 is supposed to be the high. Very weird considering Thursday it was in the mid-80’s. That’s how it goes here though. You never know what the weather will be like one day to the next.

Anyhow, thought I’d share some updates with you:


#1- On November 11th I will be hosting my first game BuffMother’s Hot Holidays on; they have asked me to become one of their “celebrity” host…a very cool honor!

Be sure to check it out, it’s a great concept to PUT your MONEY where your Mouth is, You basically BET $30 that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days and then follow along with the game striving to attain your goal. If you do lose the weight you get your money back, plus possibly more because all the winners SHARE the pot… and that works for extra motivation!!


I’ve also started a group on DietBet: you can join for free! Let’s be sure to REPRESENT Team BuffMother there! We are such an amazing FORCE of POSITIVITY!!



#2- Be sure to read and comment on today’s featured “SEXY” posts:

6 to Sexy~ day 20: Rest is SEXY

Romantic Movies = Sexy


#3- I uploaded this short video with 4 tips about revealing your SEXY ABS yesterday Please comment and share


#4- I am close to making the decision to develop an APP…Please let me know what kind of items you’d love to see featured on it. So far I’ll be including workouts, diet, some meal plans, access to the Rally Room, shopping options, an INTERACTION board where we can “talk” and a camera for you to upload progress pics, etc… is who will be developing it for me.


I have more “stuff” to talk about, but not quite the time yet to share. Loads of stuff going on to help us help more people!! Go Team BuffMother!!


I’m off to ride my bike then CLEAN– the “deal” I’m swinging with my DD’s is to clean for 3 hours then our reward will be to go to a MOVIE!


Should be good, have a SEXY SATURDAY!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Mojo is on the rise!

HEW!! I’ve had a weird week…It’s been very busy, very good and bad all at the same time, lol!! The GREAT part of my week has been the SUPER Start of the Six to Sexy contest!!  I’m so excited for us to have stellar results!! The MOJO is definitely there and we are going to continue to have a blast as we move along this FALL!!


The not so great part of my week…I got horrible chigger bites last weekend while i was in the woods, it took until Thursday to finally be feeling more normal. Then, add to that a nasty bruise cut on the back of my heel from moving a chair on Tues, I was limping all over on Wednesday. All those issues are better now– it’s going to be a great day and weekend ahead!


My Mojo towards being SEXY is rising!  I had a much better day yesterday (a rest day)…feeling good about life right now!

Today’s post~ Day 6:



And here’s a summary of this week’s posts for you just in case you’ve missed any:


6 Weeks to SEXY!

VIP item: 6 to Sexy Workout/Diet Plan

Week #1~ 6 Weeks to SEXY! (6toSexy) Stats, pics and WHY?

6 to Sexy ~ Day 1

VIP item: “Get STARTED” VIP call *recording added

6 to Sexy ~ Day 2: It takes BRAINS

6 to Sexy ~ Day 5: Freindly is SEXY
Next week we’ll really be able to start digging into the essence of what we need to do to feel and BE SEXY!  I can’t wait to see how my sexy mojo increases as I apply strategies to enhance my confidence and beauty!  I LOVE THIS CONTEST!!


Also…I need a couple more Volunteers to write FEATURED posts about sexy topics.  If you’d like to help out, please comment on this post-

HELP Please! Sexy Volunteers?



Today’s about my GARAGE make over~
I am working towards clearing it out to move all my gym equipment into it. I have to give away a bunch of stuff and also put a bunch of stuff in the attic or other sheds.  I also have an area that never got painted to finish.  Once I get at least half of it empty I can buy flooring and have my HOME GYM assembled. It’s a nice piece of equipment that would really ADD to my workouts!



Other things on my TO DO List:

  • complete my starting stats (pics and thoughts already done)
  • bring Gunner to a b-day party
  • trip to post office
  • workout- upper body lift (a mish-mosh of NON-SORE bodyparts) and run

We’ll time to GO!!

I’ll be back in a bit!




Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I have some free time this morning to get a few things done prior to heading to my next Movie SHOOT.  Tonight I get to kill someone and get shot! Fun stuff!!


Yesterday, I completed a recent “early morning” workout record for myself– started running at 7:15 am!! that’s very EARLY for me!!!!

Got my run done EARLY today- finished at 7:40am… After a 10min warm up ran 1 mile at 8mph with 3%grade– pushed into pain! #nopainnogain#workoutproof



Then after my run I had a weird thing happen.  I was getting my eggs cooked and rinsing off something in the sink and these words came to me: “And I will give you the Desires of your heart!”  It instantly made me cry with thankfulness~ God has GIVEN me the desires of my heart! He is amazing!!

I am so blessed!!


Here’s a pic I sent prior to heading out for the day– I knew we were shooting a Sleepy Middle of the night scene, so…limited my make up as not too look too made up…

Here’s a pic after we shot my first ever movie scene!! I will never forget it– thanks to everyone who made it happen! Dreams do come true — with Victoria Fox, Kim Pease and Jim Long.


Here’s a shot with one of the other Actors, Carl TheCoach Bailey— He plays Travis Tabor, the former Sheriff turned politician.


please keep me in your prayers as the shooting continues over the next couple weeks.  LOTS of Brains cells will be required for me to remember all my lines and stay sharp!


Have a happy Valentines day!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. my weight finally dropped back into the 120’s today for the first time in a several weeks! 127.8 on cycle day 5!! Yay for buffing!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Tues=Re-entry, Wed=Attack!


Now that I am finally out of bed, I am ready to “ATTACK”…lol!!
I got to sleep in today~ thanks to my sweet DH. He got up early, got the kids to school and let me snooze until 9am!! SWEET!!!

Yesterday was a total “re-entry” day for me….
Re-entry into the world of being MOMMY
Re-entry into the world of being Cook, Cleaner, Shopper, Laundry, etc….
Re-entry into DRIVING…weird to drive again after not for 10 days
Re-entry into the world of the internet, e-mails and business
Re-entry into my gym workouts
Re-entry into being a part of the BEST Team of women in the world…the TEAM BuffMother! Rally ROOM!!!

Just to let you know a bit about why my vacation wasn’t the grandest…I was sea-sick I also didn’t realize how stressful a vacation like a cruise could be, lol. Too many decisions, time lines, events, etc…. All the reasons I thought I’d like a cruise were all the reasons I ended up not liking it. The good news is that NOW I know!! It was a good lesson learned for sure!!
The food on the ship was good and it was VERY nice to not have to cook or clean or care for kids, etc…I also got a good tan! I didn’t even gain any weight on the trip…I worked out twice (lifted legs twice and ran twice ) on the boat, did a ton of walking and ran on the boardwalk in Miami. So…In all I felt like I maintained my fitness well on the trip. I did take a few pictures…I’ll get those posted tomorrow.

Yesterday, I got in a good chest/tri/interval workout…It’s the workout I almost always pick to do when I’ve been off for a few days. Now today- Just in a few mins I’ll be going to do LEGS/Hammies!!! I am ready to ATTACK!! How about you?!

LET’s Do this THING!!!

Finish STRONG!
My goal this week is to finish out this month STRONG!!  I expect that this week is going to show some fun results from all the hard work I’ve put in this summer!!  I am so excited to be headed into the fall feeling my best~ and looking GREAT too!

Last week I did great~ my “no excuses” motto really kept me going strong-
I worked out 5 days total and am ready both mentally and physically to turn it up a notch this week…here’s a POA!

M- run outside and chest/tri- get grocieries!
T- Legs
W- back, bi, sh, run- massage in the morning- cleaning lady day and I want to get my carpets cleaned too
Th-?  It’s my anniversary!!  It may be a day off…but we’ll see :)..Vikings play on TV!
Friday-upper body and run
Saturday- Photos and legs- bday party for my niece- UFC Event~ Liddel fighths!!!
Sunday- run- church

This week and weekend will be a weird one Football practice for Gunz officially starts, My 15th wedding anniversary is on Thrus,  and the kids only have school four days then have 5 days off over the weekend!  WOW~ that’ll be crazy, lol!

Diet will be key for me this week– I am going very low carb–mostly P’s, G’s and F’s :)
I’ll also try to throw in some fasted cardio to burn off this last bit of flab….I wanna look great for my pictures on Sat!!!

Let’s Finish Strong Ladies!!


Today was a good productive day~ I love the great posts many of you made about your belief!! VERY inspiring!! I’ve got 14 days left until my b-day and I believe I will reach my goal of being UBER BUFF for my 32nd year!!

My workout was weird today since I lifted Chest and back with DH yesterday…I just basically finished up the “leftover” upper body parts

Warm up r-bike 8 mins
Shoulder press machine
70,80,90,80 backwardsx10
Leg ups on r-chair

Cybex lat pull downs
2 sets bench knee ups between (about 35 each set)

Tricep cable push downs
Cable bicep curls

Posedown bicep curls
40×5 plus 30×6
Bent over lateral raises

Stairmill 20 mins of even min intervals starting at min #4- level 6 and7 for recovery, level 9 and 10 for intervals—this was HARD!
so far I’ve done GREAT this week on my workouts and my eating has been good too~ I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!
Tonight is TUF again~ so you know what I’ll be doing at 9!
Have a good one!

Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya,
Everybody look at this!
a wallpaper of me!

Cool huh?

I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself for making time to call my Mommy on the phone today while laying in the tanning bed, multitasking at its best!

Ran on the treddy for only 7 mins…my knee started being all weird again…so I then hopped on the elliptical for a tish.

Then lifted back and bi’s–not much as I was starving. I had to stay fasted this morning for a Dr. visit and hadn’t eaten anything yet when I was at the gym… SO I cut my workout short to eat!

That fasting must have made me tired because I took a cat nap this afternooon. NOW I am off to go for a walk in the beautiful fall weather! AND I might get some intervals in on the upright bike right after that.